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Plus Size Prom Dress in Green resembles Disney Princess Tiana's Dress

Who doesn't dream of being part of the fashion fantasy of the Magic Kingdom?  Certainly not moi!  So imagine the thrill when I discovered not one -but two - of my 2014 plus size Prom gown designs featured  online under the headline: "45 Fabulous Prom Dresses Inspired By Your All-Time Favorite Disney Characters". http://www.buzzfeed.com/jessicaprobus/45-fabulous-prom-dresses-inspired-by-your-all-time-favorite Bravo to scribe Jessica Probus who did an amazingly creative job getting that post up on Buzzfeed! First, Jessica lined up adorable, colorful drawings of the most beloved Disney characters (think Cinderella, Snow White and Ariel!).  Then she scoured the Internet to find trendy Prom dresses that mimicked the fashion look of the costumes Disney created for those characters to wear on the screen and in the theme parks. That's how Jessica discovered that our "Prom Princess"  ball gown clearly takes inspiration from a costume worn by Tiana, the Disney character from beloved tale of The Princess and the Frog.  What a coincidence that like Tiana we also opted to have our gorgeous model, Carolyn Mirand, pose wearing white gloves.  Tiana's pull above her elbow for a very formal evening look but for a more modern look we had Carolyn's come just to her wrist. And, as if it had been planned, Carolyn and Tiana have almost the same expression on their faces when they pose for the camera.  We will never really know for sure but I can't help but wondering if the Disney inspiration could possibly be the explanation for why this Style SC3033 pistachio green ball gown is one of our bestsellers. Jessica gave us another compliment when she compared Princess Dot's costume from Pixar's 1998 file  "A Bug Life" to our 2014 plus size Prom gown called "Attention Please".     Princess Dot and our glam model Yanderis Lodos look striking wearing a purple mist with just a hint of blue.   And who can't help but notice that they both are so happy wearing that hue.  (Trend alert! Purple plus size Prom dresses are all the rage this year!)

Plus Size Prom Dress in Purple resembles Disney Princess Dot

  It seems so many teens dream of being a Princess on Prom night.  Our bestselling plus size ball gowns are almost out of stock, including Style SC6003, a dramatic sequin black bodice, white lace waistband and full black tulle skirt. Which Disney Character inspires what you wear when you dress up?  Can't wait to hear!      


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