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Frightened by the idea of finding a Halloween costume? There's no need to be scared. The solution to looking glamorous not ghoulish on October 31st lurks in your closet.

Remember that Prom dress,bridesmaid's dress, evening or wedding gown you only wore once. Dig deep into your closet and give the design you never thought you'd wear again the second chance it deserves as a Halloween costume.

Recycling a special occasion dress as a DIY costume is oh-so affordable. After all you already have invested in the centerpiece of your costume: your dress. All you need to add is accessories, makeup, props and a little creativity and you're ready to party on Halloween.  And you can even pull this DIY Costume concept off if you wait until the last minute to decide what to wear on Halloween.

Sexy Jessica Rabbit Inspired Costume

We love how Jeanne, a curvy 20-something blogger in St. Louis rocked it for Halloween 2017.  She took a sexy red plus Prom dress with a dazzling beaded bodice from her closet then slipped on a pair of purple Opera length evening gloves for a very dreamy look.  A wig styled with hints of color and big waves provided the crowning touch for a Jessica Rabbit inspired costume. 

"This look is perfect for a masquerade ball or another Halloween extravaganza,"  Jeanne author of Finesse Curves Blog.

@finess314 blogger as jessica rabbit

Audrey Hepbrun Halloween Costume

audrey heppurn

Who doesn't have a beautiful little or long black dress in their closet that once went to Prom or another formal evening.  

Turn the clocks back looking very chic when you mimic what Audrey Hepbrun wore in "Breakfast at Tiffany's".  All you need is your LBD, cat-eye sunglasses, a pearl necklace with several strands, (imitation is just fine!), black long gloves that reach just to your elbow, classic black kitten heels and a rhinestone tiara or pin to add to your French Twist hairstyle.  Audrey added to the elegance with long cigarette holder, but you can skip that prop if you prefer. Instead, complete the classic look with a paper cup filled with your favorite brew and a Danish from the bakery in a paper bag.

"I believe happy girls are the prettiest girls" - Audrey Hepbrun  




wicked witch on broomstick





Witch Costume


Be the woman with magical powers on Halloween turning a black dress into a D.I.Y. witch's costume. It's simple! All you need is an orange wig, pointed black high hat, black cape, black boots and don't leave home without your broom!

Feeling very spooky?  Paint your face and lips green to remind trick or treaters of the evil-doing Wicked Witch of the West from the movie, The Wizard of Oz.




Beauty Queen Costume

Did you go to Prom or a formal ball looking like a Princess in a full ball gown?  Then you'll make a gorgeous beauty queen for Halloween.  Just crown yourself with a tiara, add a sash and carry an armful of roses wrapped in tissue paper with a big bow.  Wear several rhinestone bracelets over evening gloves that match your dress.  And hear the applause!

drama queendrama queen


zombie bride


Here Comes the Zombie Bride


Out to spook everyone on Halloween? Take your a long white dress, or even better yet a wedding gown you are willing to damage, and add a bouquet, veil and the goriest makeup you can apply.  You'll be the scariest Zombie bride to ever go down the aisle.  For a bloody touch of fright, splatter red paint randomly on the dress. Carry a bouquet of black paper flowers when you head out the door to greet your guests.  



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