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As prices for everything from food to goods increase, it is difficult to find the perfect gown for your Prom or special event at an economical price. Our staff had a brainstorming session to come up with some helpful tips for our girls looking for a plus size prom dress Adine Kirnberg Regular Start early! It's never to early to shop if you want to get a cheap plus size Prom dress. By late Spring, stores and websites start slashing prices. Be ready for real bargains and his the sale and clearance racks (or pages) early.  Keep your gown for next year's Prom.  Who will know that it is last year's style and you will save more than 75% in some cases.  Check out our sales for Prom dresses under $200.  Get it now before the deals are no longer available. sale dresses Adine Kirnberg Regular   Be prepared! As you are searching around for your perfect gown be sure that you have your bust, waist and hip measurements.  Keep them written in your wallet or text them to yourself as your measurements are something you will need again and again. Each designer has their own size chart and based on your measurements, your sizing could be different for each designer. Watch our video on how to measure: In addition to knowing your measurements, be sure to know what styles of Prom dresses give you the flattering figure for your magical night.  Check out our Fit and Flatt guide for some help. Adine Kirnberg RegularBe flexible! Knowing that your budget is limited may cause some stress over being able to find the perfect dress at the perfect price.  To find an economical Prom gown is a daunting task. We tend to lean toward designs that are more fancy and have a lot of the wow factor but those gowns are more likely to be out of budget. piggy bank Be open-minded to try new things.  It is great to come with an idea of color and style but we recommend that you be open to trying new designs or a new color.  This way you will have more choices to choose from and may even find a new style that hugs your curves in the right way. Adine Kirnberg RegularMake it work!   alterations itemsDefinitely plan on alterations. Almost even special occasion gown, no matter the price, will require alterations.  It may be that you need to shorten the straps, cut off 8" on the bottom (like one of our staff) or add some fabric to the sides to make it work. Either way, your dress will fit you like a glove when you are done!   Adine Kirnberg Regular Think outside the box! Go Bridal - A great idea is to shop outside of the Prom branding name.  Find bridesmaid, cocktail, homecoming or even bridal dresses. The price will be perfect but you may need to add a little bit of your own bling.  With the millions of shoes, jewelry and other accessories you get to make your very own customized look within your budget. And the selection is endless!  Get Thrifty - You can be confident no one else willmay the thrift shop odds be ever in your favor show up at Prom wearing the same dress if you hit the thrift store or consignment shop to find your economical Prom gown. It's a great way to recycle a dress, be eco-friendly and have a one-of-a-kind. Plan on going a size larger as older styles tend to run smaller than current trends. A rental? Why not?! - Your date gets to rent his tux, why can't you rent your dress? This makes perfect sense to us!  Check your local Prom or Bridal stores and see what options are available for your to rent the dress. No need to make a huge investment unless you plan to wear the dress for many future special occasions. Find a Loaner - Ask around to friends and family and see if there is anyone who will let you loot through their closet. Most people will be willing and flattered!  Once you find your perfect borrowed Prom gown, dress it up and play fashionista by adding your own style to it. There are also stores or businesses that offer dress exchange events or giveaways from donated gently-used gowns (we know because we donate locally)! Still have questions in finding the perfect economical Prom dress? Give us a call at 888.479.3639 or send us a message on Facebook @Sydney'sCloset


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