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Thanks to our team of talented plus size dress designers based in Guangdong, China for sharing their breathtaking photos of their recent weekend getaway to Wuzhen. After all, even the most creative designers need to take a break from the drawing board!  No doubt this won't be the last time Sydney's Closet designers travel to Wuzhen, a 1,300 year old water town just two hours south of Shanghai where ancient stone bridges crisscross the canals of smooth water.  Our team visited museums that proudly display Wuzhen's rich culture and tradition and workshops where they got to see first-hand century old techniques for making soy sauce and foot-binding.   Our team raved about the peacefulness and beauty that they said came even more alive when the town light up at night.  Hopefully, I'll get a guided tour of Wuzhen on my next visit to China.  I sense it could be the Venice of that country!  (Be sure to click on the photos to see larger images!) [gallery columns="1" ids="3176,3177,3178"]


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