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At this time we get loads of questions from our beautiful customers with questions about fit for their plus size Prom dress. As the official "The Fairy Godmother of Plus Size Prom Gowns", our President and Designer worked diligently to answer everyone’s questions. The most common question is "What's my body type?". We hope the answer help more Prom Princesses looking for their perfect gown. dear sydney logo

I love my friends’ looks but my body shape is so different .  How can I find the right look for my body type? Help!

All of us come in many shapes, size, colors, etc... It could go on for days! Your unique characteristics make you who you are. That being said, we always look to our friends for advice and, even sometimes, what to look like them.  However, keep in mind that what looks good on your friend's body style will not necessarily look perfect on your body style. Let's figure out your body style! Your first option is to observe your body.  Pay close attention to your torso.  You want to focus on your shoulders compared to your hips compared to your waistline. Are you…? Triangle - hips are the widest part of your body and shoulders are the smallest Apple - shoulders and hips are equal; waistline is equal but may be wider Hourglass - hips and shoulders are equal; waistline is much more slim Column - evenly distributed between your shoulders, waistline and hips Pear - waistline and shoulders are equal; hips are wider The second option is to use a body shape calculator For this to work you need your measurements.  Check out our “How to Measure for a Plus Size Dress” video.
Now that you know your body type, you can start choosing the perfect pairings to get the look you love! Here is what we suggest:
TRIANGLE triangle body type

check markShow off those great legs and sexy hips.  Love your trim waistline! Look for scoop necks, one-shoulder bodice designs or three-quarter length sleeves. Find fabrics that are dark on the bottom and light on the top with lots of embellishments. Add your own style with chunky accessories that draw your eye up!


cautionBecause of your slender upper body you may have the urge to flaunt it with tight shirts.  Beware! Slim-fitting tops make your lower half appear to be larger than reality.

APPLEcircle body style check mark You have legs and arms that go on for days! With tight bottoms and a loose fitting top you are able to draw attention to your assets!Find frocks with structure and texture, especially around the tummy area. Wear a slim leg or straight leg pant with a heel to elongate your lower half. An find accessories or fabrics with bold patterns to add your own flare. cautionStay away from the urge to cover up your body! Show off all of your beautiful legs and neckline.  By doing so, you will looking leaner and accentuate those beautiful lines. HOURGLASS hourglass body style check markYou get to show of your curves with your defined waist and eagerness to wear slim-fitting clothing.  Think Marilyn Monroe! Use accessories like belts and jackets that hit you at your thin waistline. Also look for flowing, light fabrics that will show off your figure but not always be as fitted. Don't be scared to draw attention to your waistline! caution Don’t be so eager to give everything away. Keep them wanting more! COLUMN column body style check markYou can wear a wide spectrum of clothing from form-fitting dresses to comfy masculine-inspired outfits.  With more simple cuts of clothing you can jazz up any outfit with accessorizes! Search for tops with halters or thin straps to help define your waistline. High-waist and wide-leg pants provide curves that might not always be there naturally. Ruffles add a feminine touch and the illusion of definition. cautionStay away from the simple cuts that make you look boxy or geometric patterns, especially horizontal lines.  Find cuts that do the work of creating curves for you. PEARpear body style check markLegs to die-for and a trim torso, the Pear shaped body has all the curves! Depending on where you hold most of your weight, you can shift between the Hourglass and Apple body style. Discover deep V-neck tops and simple designs to flaunt your shape and balance your lower half. Bring attention down with blinged out shoes and sparkly accessories on your wrists. Consider a large boho bag around your arm as a purse or a peep-toe shoe. caution Your legs are typically well-sculpted, so your instinct may be to show them off with fitted leggings. However, look for things that add volume to your lower half. Still lost? Need more help finding what clothing flatters your figure the best? I love this info-graphic from Triactol. This walks you through the questions to figure out your body type and then goes on (below the snippet here) and tells you what looks great on your body shape for tops, pants, necklines, swimwear, and much more! Click here for more details!


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