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Designing Plus Size Dresses China 2015

Straight from whirlwind visit to Hong Kong Fashion Week,  we hop a plane to Guangdong Provence, formerly Canton (as in the famed food on American Chinese restaurant menus!).  We spend a jam-packed week designing plus size dresses for our glamourous Spring 2016 Collection. No matter how many trips we make to mainland China to design special occasion dresses, we never cease to be amazed by what we learn about the rich culture and lifestyle of the Chinese people.

Wedding Traditions

When it comes to getting married in China, who knew:
  • brides wear two wedding dresses: a red one for the traditional ceremony and a white one for the reception.
  • brides and grooms decorate their car with bouquets and wreaths of flowers to travel in style when they leave their wedding celebration.
  • couples personalize the wedding reception with posters of themselves and  heart-shaped floral wall decorations
  • serve their guests roasted whole pigs garnished with blinking electrical lights in the eye sockets!
collage of china bride, pigs and invitation

Lifestyle Insights

When it comes to everyday life in China's smaller cities, who knew:
  • the people take saving the planet very seriously.  Signs everywhere in public restrooms encouraging you - in English and Chinese - to only take one paper towel.
  • hand peel white carrots then leave them outdoors in big vats to dry before eating. (And no one takes them!)
  • Chinese have a sweet tooth.  They love chocolates of any kind from anywhere in the world.
  • avoid clothes dryers. Families favor the old fashion clothes line even when they live in luxury high rise buildings.
  • tolerate super spicy fried chicken from fast food chains.  How hot?  Hot enough to burn the roof of your mouth and tongue.
  • you could get pizza fresh baked in a stone oven at an Italian restaurant
  • the fave brand car of the moment is the Volkswagen.
  •  "What's Up" wins over Skype as the preferred way to connect worldwide
  • sweet tomatoes are served as a dessert at all meals, including breakfastuse only one paper towel
We can't wait to return to China again in April 2015 to review the samples we created for the 2016 Prom Dress Collection!  We'll also be seeing samples for evening and bridal collections.  Who knows what we will discover.  Be sure to check back to see what we find!