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2015-2016 Plus Size Prom Dress Designs

Ever wonder how long it takes to  create a collection of 2015-2016 Plus Size Prom Dress Designs?  Several months?  Six months?  A whole year? Phyllis Librach designer at Sydney's Closet poses with models.   It's hard to believe, but the creative process actually takes about 18 months.  Yikes!  That's a year and a half . Here it is July 2014 and all the samples for our 2015 plus-sized Prom gowns have already arrived at our headquarters in St. Louis.  We're just waiting on DHL to deliver a few last-minute styles that we are flying in from China. Fingers crossed the samples arrive before to head to our showroom in Atlanta where wholesale buyers from around the world will get a first look at the Collection of 2015 plus size Prom dress designs.

Start 2015-2016 Plus Size Prom Dress Designs

The design process started last Fall when I sent my sketches of ball gowns, red-carpet formals and fit and flare designs to the factories we work with in China.  Tons of ideas swirling around! sydney-girl_black-var2   In January, I travel to Hong Kong to review my requests for first samples. Three months later I returned to review the samples and make changes. Decide to switch fabrics, kill and color and add a new one.  rework the beading design, take off a belt, add a belt. Slowly, the samples started arriving at our world headquarters beginning in February.   Each dress gets unpacked, tagged, entered into the database and hung up. (You'd never believe how wrinkled they are when they arrive!) Then the hard work begins.  Every 2015-2016 plus size Prom dress design, even if it is just another color, get photographed.  Then the dress gets tried on one of our fit mannequins: dress forms that match our size chart. We're looking to see if the dress is too big or too small to meet our requirements.  Our technical designers  check more than two dozen measurements on each Prom dress including these key ones:
  • Bust
  • Waist
  • Hip
  • Hollow to Hem
  • Armhole
At the same time we are checking for fit, we are scrutinizing the garment for quality.  The fabric must meet our high standards.  So must the sewing.   Sloppy stitching, messy zippers or loose beads are unacceptable. We keep notes on the sample tags attached to each dress and also fill pads of paper with scribbles, drawings and ideas to improve the design, fit and quality. All these correction and notes will eventually be incorporated with sketches and photos in a packet of information that is sent to the factory when the garment is put into production. It will be another 90 days until the finished dress arrives in our warehouse in St. Louis and then the dresses ship to our Authorized Retailers. After the Atlanta market, we'll head to Dallas in early September to show the Prom 2015 designs to buyers.  Our last market will be Chicago at the end of September. Showroom for Sydney's Closet Plus Size Prom Dresses By early October all the styles for Prom 2015 will be in production.  None too soon.   That's just about the time we begin sketching ideas for 2016 plus size Prom dresses! Meanwhile, look for 2015-2016 Plus Size Prom Dress Designs from Sydney's Closet to be available starting December 2014.