Fit & Flatter Dress Guide

At Sydney's Closet, we know that you want a dress that will make you look and feel amazing! With so my styles, shapes, colors, and designs to choose from, how can you ever browse through all the choices to find a fabulous dress that will fit and flatter your perfect curvy figure? Not to worry, Sydney's has you covered (literally)! Follow the steps in this Fit & Flatter Dress Guide we've created to help you determine your basic body-type, shape, and style of our Sydney's dresses that best compliment your figure. 

First, learn which body type you are similar to. Then, browse dress styles and learn which style best compliments your curvy figure. Last, shop the dress styles that flatter your figure.*

*PRO TIP: Sydney's Closet designs our dresses exclusively for the plus-size body. Most of our dresses will flatter your unique curves and work well for many body shapes. Still not sure what dress to choose? Contact us today to consult with our dress experts to find the dress of your dreams!

Note: this is simply a guide—you wear what makes you look and feel fabulous, no matter what!

Fit & Flatter

Dress Styles for Different Body Types


Like its namesake fruit, the apple body type's widest measurement is in the middle. Your shoulders, hips, and legs are slimmer in proportion. The best dress styles for Apple Shape body types are Empire & Wrap dresses. 


Your largest measurement is across your chest. Your hips and midsection may be curvy, but on a smaller scale. The best style of dress for a more Busty body type would be A-line gowns. Also try a V-neck style or a fitted bodice with a fuller flared hem. 

Inverted Triangle

Sharing a similar, triangular shape as this type’s namesake vegetable, you have wider-set shoulders with slimmer legs. The best dress styles for Inverted Triangle body shapres are A-line & Ballgown.


Your hips and bust measurements are close in size, with a naturally slimmer waist. 


Much like the fruit, your top is more narrow than your lower half. Your hips, bum, and thighs are where your widest measurements are.  A-line, Ballgown, Wrap, Empire


You have less distinction between your bust, waist, and hips -- they are generally the same measurements.

Straight A Fit

A-Line Dresses

Classic style and flattering fit makes the A-line gown a go-to design for anyone and everyone. The simple A-shaped silhouette accentuates all body types with a fitted bodice and gradually flared skirt. You’ll look and feel elegant and sophisticated.

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A-Line Dresses With an A+ Fit

A-line has a forgiving fit, truly working with any body-type. The design is fitted through the bust, waist, and hips, and gradually widens towards the hem, giving the impression of the shape of its namesake: a capital letter “A”.

Fairy Godmother Approved

Ball Gown Style

The ball gown is the most formal of all evening wear designs, reserved for grand occasions like a black-tie event, gala, or Prince Charming’s ball. This dress is all about making an entrance and gliding through like a princess—make that a queen.

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Ball Gowns For Your Perfect Fairytale

This style has a closely fitted or corseted bodice leading to a full, bouffant skirt with layers of petticoat underneath to create fullness. Flatters most body-types, especially Pear, Rectangle, and Inverted Triangle.

Fit For Royalty

The Empire Dress

Ethereal. Romantic. Regal. This dress evokes thoughts of Greek Goddesses and Shakespearean heroines with its long, flowing skirt and flattering silhouette.

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The Empire DressFit For the Goddess in Mind

Empire fits through the bust, then immediately leads into a long, flowing skirt. The Empire waist can hit anywhere from right below the bust to above the natural waistline. It is flattering on all body-types, most especially Apple and Pear shapes.

The Perfect Fit

Fitted Dresses

Sleek and sexy, Fitted dresses accentuate your natural, beautiful shape. As you can imagine, these styles are fitted throughout the bodice and even into the skirt. Fitted dresses let you be bold and celebrate your curves.

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The Fitted Style Show Off Your Shape

Fitted styles include Body-con (fully fitted through the dress), Straight (fitted through the bodice with a straight skirt), and Trumpet (fitted through with a slight flair at the thigh) styles. They traditionally flatter Pear and Hourglass shapes, but absolutely anyone can wear a fitted dress.

Make Waves With

The Mermaid Dress

This aquatic-inspired style gives new meaning to fit and flare. Sleek and sexy throughout the bodice and hips, this style fans out at the knee, giving the seemingly Fitted style major drama.

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The Mermaid DressHalf Sexy, Half Fabulous

The Mermaid is form fitting around the bodice and contoured to your body all the way to the knees where the skirt flares out dramatically. Often designed with an off-the-shoulder neckline. Accentuates the shape of anyone who wears.

It’s A Cinch

The Wrap Dress

The Wrap dress is universally known as one of the most flattering silhouettes a woman can wear. The V-neck shape, cinched waist, and flared skirt highlight the best features of any shape. Diane Von Furstenburg, we owe you one!

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The Wrap Dress Tie the Knot

With a tie waist that cinches at the natural waist, the Wrap dress offers a slimming silhouette. A V-neckline and flared skirt accentuates both bust and hips. Flatters every body type, though busty body-types may opt for an added button, pin, or seam to the neckline.