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OK, I admit I am still a newspaper junkie. Almost a decade after trading deadlines for hemlines to design plus size dresses for special occasion, I still love a great story like the one Christina Binkley wrote in the Wall Street Journal "The Travels of a Must-Have Skirt" (Thursday, August 22, 2013). As the fashion and style columnist for the Wall Street Journal, she critiques fashion runways around the world with an endless knack to discover topics that engage readers.  She writes with a flair and freshness often missing from fashion.  And her stories are always informative and entertaining. Her story of the "must-have skirt" profiles the far-flung publicity odyssey of a voluminous skirt in a silk floral print launched hours after it first appeared on the runway in Paris. Over six months the prized sample traveled around the world on loan for socialites to wear and top fashion magazines to photograph. It all sounds so glam! But as Ms. Binkley points out the travels present a logistical nightmare filled with apprehension and conflicts for the sales and marketing team. We don't travel in the same fashion circles of haute couture. But we do face similar challenges, especially during this mad Fall season when samples from our Spring 2014 Collection of plus size special occasion dresses are in high demand. The "must-have skirt" made 32 destinations in four months.

Our sample plus size dresses won't trot the globe but they still face an ambitious travel schedule. Here's the exhaustive itinerary for an evening gown in black and gold metallic chiffon that is sure to be a best-seller:

Plus Size Evening Dress - Aug. 8: plus size evening dress debuts at our Atlanta Showroom. - Aug. 14: on a plane to L.A. for Teen Prom 2014 photo shoot. - Aug. 22: back in St. Louis for a few hours before shipping to editors in New York. - Aug. 26: home again with a one-day trip to the cleaners - Aug. 31: on location for our photo shoot at a park in suburban New York - Sept. 2: comes back to St. Louis on the plane with Fashion Team - Sept. 3: ships to Dallas for market - Sept. 10:carry home on plane for technical designer to review - Sept. 14:back to Atlanta showroo0m for Vows Bridal market - Sept. 17:  headed to Chicago for National Bridal Market show - Oct. 4:  leaving Chicago for St. Louis - Oct. 9:  back to Atlanta fort the Apparel Market - Oct. 20:  returns to St. Louis - Nov. 5:  ships to New York City for a press preview Our Fashion Team tracks the far-flung travels of a sample dress using a detailed process. Still, there's always the chance the dress won't leave photo shoot in time to make it to market, or in time to be reviewed by a blogger. My biggest nightmare, what if the sample gets lost? It's our only one! How will we be able to replace it fast enough to go into production to fill the orders we have from stores across the U.S. in Central and South America and Canada. It's enough to make any designer lose sleep!


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