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Color Trend: Jade Dresses

Color Trend: Jade Dresses

Everyone will be green with envy when they see you wearing a dress in Jade, a hot new color bursting on the fashion scene.

2012 Dress Color Trend: Jade

Camilla SC4014 by Sydney's Closet
This blue-tinged hue looks fabulous against any skin tone.  We love it because it's alive, fresh and spans all seasons. Wear it anytime of year to wake up your wardrobe from the short, dark days of winter to long, lazy days of summer. Pair it with shoes and accessories in cooler neutrals like navy or chalk in the Spring.  For the fall match it up richer, darker tones like an earthy eggplant.  At the winter holidays,  team it up with sparkling silver shoes to set off the cool undertones of this shade of green. Jade ornamental stone  dates back to prehistoric times when it was used for hand carvings.  Over the centuries  many cultures around the world have given Jade as much importance as gold.  The English first recorded the use of  "jade green" as a color name in 1892.  In China today this ancient gem still symbolizes the precious, good and beautiful.  If someone in China wants to express their love, they present someone with a gift that is jade in color. Wear a jade cocktail dress or formal to any special occasion and you are sure to stand out that night in a sea of black. But watch your makeup.  Be  careful to avoid red lipstick.  Stick with a bright pink. It's still strong but won't overpower. If jade doesn't interest you, there are endless other shades of green that make gorgeous dresses:   pistachio, hunter, emerald, kelly, kiwi - just to name a few!