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Get Red Carpet Ready for Your Big Night

Get Red Carpet Ready for Your Big Night


Everyone has a special occasion on their calendar for 2018 where they want to look their very best for a family celebration, wedding, Prom, military ball, banquet or a  cruise.

Most of us will never, unfortunately, have the luxury of our own glam squad of fashion stylists, exercise coaches, hair and make-up artists. These are the teams of highly-trained professionals  who work behind the scenes for weeks - or even - months to get an actress ready to look gorgeous when she walks the red carpet.

But you can still find red-carpet inspiration for your next big night with these fabulous red carpet tips from the stylists at Sydney’s Closet, designer of plus size special occasion dresses:

Say “Yes” to the Right Dress

It’s so very tempting to try to borrow a jaw-dropping look you’ve seen on a Hollywood star. But resist the urge. For your red carpet moment, opt for an evening dress that gets you noticed for all the right reasons.  Pick a style that flatters your figure and compliments your skin and hair color - not because you like it on a model or a celebrity..

Stick with the fashion style you wear everyday whether it is classic or edgy. Just dress that look up to make it more elegant and glamorous. For added red carpet inspiration, shop for an evening gown with a train. That way you can, quite literally, make a clean sweep of the red carpet when you make your grand entrance.

The trick to looking like a Diva on the red carpet is to show your fashion style but steer away from looking like you’re wearing a costume designed for Halloween or a masquerade ball. No one wants her name on the worst dressed list for any special occasion event worthy of a red carpet.

Under it All 

When you get ready for your big night, this isn’t the time to fall back on your favorite bra just because it is so comfy.  You need to bring on shapewear for a smooth fit that shows off your curves.  Count on Spanx to hide those  dreaded panty lines. If you’re on a tight budget, opt for Assets, a lower price shapewear made by Spanx.

Wait to get your alterations done to your dress until after you have  your shapewear.

Wear it to the dressmaker, tailor or seamstress along with your shoes. That way you’ll will get a perfect fit.

It’s All in the Bag

Bigger is not better for an evening purse when you get red carpet ready.  Leave that messenger bag or shoulder bag at home. It just dresses down all your effort to dress up.

Instead, find an evening clutch that is big enough to stash your essentials but small enough to stylish.  Remember, if you’ve got curves don’t end up with a evening bag so small it looks like it belongs on a child.

Look for room to stash an emergency kit:  mints, double stick tape, bandage and safety pin.

Squeezed for space? Shop for an evening dress with deep pockets that look stylish and give me a convenient place to stash essentials out of sight.

Smile for the Camera

You’ll be taking tons of pictures at your special event so you want to spend extra time on your makeup.  Keep in mind as you get red carpet ready, you want to frame your face not paint it!

Follow the red carpet tips of Hollywood make-up artists and pick one feature to  play up with a powerful look. Going for smokey eyes? Then keep your lips soft and steer away from a deep, dark colors.   Painting your lips red?  Tone down the eyes with softer shades of eye shadow.  Dramatic eyebrows are all the rage for the 2018 Hollywood look.

Short on time to pump up the glamour quotient? Try dabbing just a hint of lip gloss in the center of your lips.

Don’t wait until your big night to get your skin and hair red carpet ready. Be diligent and faithful about a strict skin and hair regiment weeks, if not months, leading up to your special occasion.

When the camera is on your, always follow the pose perfected by Hollywood stars on - and off- the red carpet. Place one hand on hip, slightly angle your body (if possible lean slightly near someone standing next to you and smile but avoid grinning. You’ll love how your look slimmer and stunning in the photos!

Details that Dazzle not Drown You

Of course, this is the night you want to go to great height with your evening shoes. Be sure to take the time and effort to break in those stilettos weeks before you take your first step on the red carpet. If not, blistered feet could ruin your night.

Unsure if the shoes will work? Don’t take the risk.  Add padding or slide in cushioned soles for adding comfort.

Or skip the stilettos entirely. Wedges for evening just happen to be all the rage for 2018.  Or opt for the ultimate comfort of ballerina shoes is you are wearing a ball gown or full A-line skirt. Avoid the ballerina or any flat if you wear a fitted dress.  

A walk on the red carpet demands you bring on the bling. But don’t overload it so you light up like a Christmas tree.

Best to wear one statement piece more glam then pile on bracelets, earrings and rings. If your gown is bejeweled on the neckline, you will want to  skip a necklace otherwise you will compete with the design. Instead, opt for a bracelet or earrings. Remember, your jewelry should never compete with the design of your evening gown.