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Anaelisa Ramirez Real Bride Real Glamour

Anaelisa Ramirez Real Bride Real Glamour

Anaelisa Ramirez Real Bride looked radiant during the Real Women, Real Model bridal shoot with Plus Model Magazine in New York. And it looks like her wedding is going to be just as beautiful – she showed us pictures of her destination wedding dress and it looks amazing on her! Plus, her four-year-old son is outrageously photogenic. I  took some time out to talk while she shared pics of him hamming it up for camera (seriously, he’s a pro in the making). Ana shared some great plus size fashion bloggers to follow for style inspiration, along with stores to check out for curvy fashion picks.

Anaelisa "Ana" Ramirez of New Jersey True to Her Curves

    [caption id="attachment_7872" align="aligncenter" width="371"]Before and after makeover pictures of plus size bride modeling Sydney's Closet Wedding Dress.
Ana Ramierez is all smiles modeling Sydney's Closet chiffon plus size wedding dress.
[/caption] Q: How old are you? A: 25 Q: How would you describe your True to Your Curves style? A: It’s pretty eclectic; I like a wide array of styles. But I always like dressing up; I dress up even when I have nowhere to go! Q: Where do you love to shop online? Offline? A: Once I’m familiar with the brand I like to shop online, but I need to know how it fits first. Forever21 and City Chic are stores where I find a lot of good things. And for online stores I like Rebdolls. When I’m shopping, I like when the models I see give me the idea of my look and what it can be. Q: What inspires your look? A: Bloggers and their outfits definitely inspire me. I like to be stylish, and because of my size I want to make sure I take care of myself and look put together. I don’t want to be a frumpy-looking mom! Q: What is your pet peeve about the fashion world? A: The fashion world is evolving a lot, and it’s becoming more inclusive. I know Target’s new plus size clothing line (Ava+Viv) has been getting some push back, but it still shows that the industry is taking steps in the right direction. The fashion industry has changed a lot for the better by getting more people that look like me as models and customers. Q: What makes you laugh? A: Everything! I don’t like to be too serious. I have a four-year-old son and he’s good at making me laugh a lot. Q: What makes you cry? A: I’m a mom; everything makes me cry! I even cry when I see an emotional commercial come on TV. And I’m a big New York Yankees fan, so when Gatorade put out a tribute to Derek Jeter when he was retiring and set it to a Frank Sinatra song, I definitely cried. Q: What is the best fashion advice that you ever received? A: I put on weight during my pregnancy. And my sister told me after I gained the weight that you can rock anything that you want; you just have to be confident about it. Q: What is the best fashion advice you ever gave? A: I like to tell people the same advice my sister gave me. I tell it to everyone – even my friends that are skinny can feel insecure, so I tell them to feel confident. It’s become my mantra.   [caption id="attachment_7664" align="aligncenter" width="183"]maddy jones pmm
Maddy Jones, editor-in-chief, Plus Model Magazine
[/caption]   Q: Who is your favorite curvy celebrity and why? A: Oh, there are so many! Some of my favorite bloggers are Marie Denee from The Curvy Fashionista, Gabby Fresh, and Chastity Garner Valentine from Garner Style. I also really like reading PLUS Model Magazine and seeing what they put together to get fashion ideas. I love Maddy (PLUS Model Mag Editor-in-chief); she’s gorgeous! There are beautiful plus size models that I like, too. Denise Bidot and Ashley Graham are two of my favorites. Q: Tell us your favorite moment from the photo shoot today. A: I really like bonding with the girls. It’s been fun to hang out with other brides and talk about shopping for wedding dresses because we’re all plus size. So we are all going through the same things, good and bad. Q: What are some of the plans for your wedding? A: We are having a destination wedding in Jamaica at Beaches Resort. It’s going to be small and intimate, with me and family - my fiancé and my son. And I have my dress! I always pictured myself in a lace, fitted wedding dress. But when I was shopping I told the woman who was helping me at the store, “I trust you.” And she helped me find my dream dress. It’s fitted at the top and has really pretty jewel details on it. It works perfectly for my wedding. Q: What fashion trend are you loving right now? A: I love fitted dresses on curvy women. When you wear them with a shaper I think it looks great. And I like the pin-up wedding trend. Wearing a pretty “poofed” out wedding dress with a pair of red heels – so cute!