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Best Location To Hold Your Wedding

Best Location To Hold Your Wedding

Over the years wedding dress styles have changed to help fit not only the different body styles of brides, but also their personalities.  Brides and Grooms have also given creativity to the venue where their wedding is held. Church: Traditionally weddings are held in a church, synagogue, or similar place of worship.  This is probably still the most common of venues.  It's familiar, and often most comfortable for attendees. Back yard: For a variety of reasons, the Bride and Groom may choose to have the ceremony in the back yard of a parent's house, or perhaps a friends.  Often an arbor is made, and if the weather is unpredictable a tent can be used for cover.  Beach: Also on the simple side is a beach wedding.  The bride may chose a shorter, more casual dress, and the groom in more casual attire as well.  With the wind in your hair, and the sand in your toes, the mood is often more playful and relaxed. Vineyard: One of the newest "hot" venues is to say your nuptials at a vineyard.  These venues are catching on to the new craze and some even help you create the reception on the grounds as well.  Some bridal couples are wine enthusiasts, and others love the idea of an outdoor wedding, but want something more than the back yard or different than the beach. Mansion: For the Bride and Groom that want a bit more, there is the option of renting out a mansion.  Some offer the wedding on the grounds, some inside, and many include the reception at the same location.  As you may have guessed, these weddings tend to be a bit more upscale, both in style and in cost. Yacht: Taking it totally off land you can rent a charter boat , aka Yacht.  It's a bit more tricky to hold the ceremony on board, but you do keep everyone in one area to then have the reception as you cruise the waters.