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Kelly Augustine Real Bride Real Glamour

Kelly Augustine Real Bride Real Glamour

Kelly Augustine Real Bride is a head-turner – she has stunning features, naturally curly locks, and a glowing smile to match. And she’s oh-so talented! Kelly has her own blog dedicated to plus size style, beauty, and NYC living. So it was a pleasure to sit with her before she headed out in front of the camera for our Real Women, Real Model bridal shoot with Plus Model Magazine. Kelly’s fashion advice is some of the best we’ve heard yet. It’s a must-read!  Her upcoming summer wedding surely will be fabulous and fun!  She'll be going down the aisle in style wearing a design from Sydney’s Closet Signature Collection of plus size wedding gowns, so we can’t wait to see how she looks! (Sorry, we can't say which one. Our lips are zipped!)

Kelly Brown Augustine of New Jersey True to Her Curves

[caption id="attachment_7869" align="aligncenter" width="450"]Before and after makeover pictures of curvy blogger Kelly Augustine a Michelle Bridal gown by Sydney's Closet.
Blogger Kelly Augustine strikes a pretty pose modeling a captivating wedding gown from the Michelle Bridal Collection by Sydney's Closet.
  Q: How old are you? A: 28 Q: How would you describe your True to Your Curves style? A: Comfort chic – I always want to make sure I feel good and super comfortable. I think 3-inch heels are my max for any outfit! Q: Where do you love to shop online? Offline?eloquii by the limited A: H&M is number one for me; they get it. I shop Zara, too, and Eloquii, Lane Bryant, and Ashley Stewart. Q: What inspires your look? A: Anything that fits my lifestyle inspires my look. Right now it’s really cold out, so I wear cold weather pieces with style. I’ll try to find leather leggings, cool boots and sweaters…anything for a comfortable look. Q: What is your pet peeve about the fashion world? A: There is still a lot of exclusivity in plus size and size right clothing. But different kinds of people enjoy the same fashion. There are all kinds of different colors and sizes out there. The fashion world is getting there, but it’s not there yet. Q: What makes you laugh? A: Being with my friends makes me laugh. And I work at a school, so goofing off with the kids makes me laugh, too. When I’m at home it’s my fiancée – but I’m the goofy one! He’s an engineer and I’m in fashion, so our personalities definitely balance each other out. Q: What makes you cry? A: It makes me upset when people are unhappy with me and I can’t figure out how to fix it. And when the kids at school are upset and I can’t figure out why; that gets me down, too. They are in 1st through 8th grade, so there are a lot of different emotions going on. Q: What is the best fashion advice that you ever received? A: Be comfortable in who you are before you try on clothing. You have to be comfortable in yourself to feel good in your clothes. Q: What is the best fashion advice you ever gave? A: I say the same advice now! It’s a great outlook to have. singer jill scottQ: Who is your favorite curvy celebrity and why? A: Singer Jill Scott – she really understands her body. She’s stunning at any size.   Q: Tell us your favorite moment from the photo shoot today. A: The stylist at the shoot today, Megan, and I know each other well. So we were in the back getting my dress on this morning and I started crying; I was so overwhelmed. I just stood in the back and cried for a minute with her. It was too much! I could not handle it – to have my really good friend trying on my wedding dress with me meant so much. Q: What are some of the plans for your wedding? A: We’re keeping it low key. We are going to City Hall for the ceremony, and having dinner at an Italian restaurant afterwards with our families. Then we’re going to a jazz lounge in New York City for drinks and dancing with friends. It’s happening in August so it’s coming soon - I’m so excited! And I’m wearing a Sydney’s Closet dress for the wedding so I’m excited about that, too. It’s a one-shoulder dress with embellishment on the waist. Q: How did you meet your fiancée? A: We met in college – we were set up by mutual friends. We were very different people, but I ended up liking him after we met. That was 7 ½ years ago. My friends were just goofing off when they set us up but we ended up together! Q: What item in your closet can’t you live without? A: Leather jackets! They complete any outfit for me – they pull together my look and make any outfit look instantly cool. I have them in three or four different colors. I’ll usually wear one with a maxi skirt or jeans. Q: What fashion trend are you loving right now? A: The 70s are in, and I love all things 70s like platforms, flare jeans, and turtlenecks. I like both the classic New York City 70s style and the boho 70s style.