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Tried-and-True, or Here Today-Gone Tomorrow Wedding Trends

Tried-and-True, or Here Today-Gone Tomorrow Wedding Trends

Over the years many wedding trends have tried to take flight.  Some become instant hits and continue to be repeated year after year, and others fizzle out after just one to two years. Let's have some fun and touch on a few that have recently been on our minds.
Candy Bar: One of the most yummy trends there is!  The Fashion Team at Sydney's Closet is sure this is a trend that will stay.  Who doesn't love being able to pick and chose delicious candy and chocolate treats to snack on?  The best ones are those who offer up small paper bags to you can take some home with you too ;-)
Photo Booth:  This is a terrific idea, especially if there is a master copy of all photos given to the Bride and Groom as well.  We've seen this master copy worked into a video montage with music also.  We predict this trend will continue on for a while.
Video Booth:  Another sure hit of a trend.  This is a nice way for guests to leave a personal video message to the Bride & Groom.  It's usually less formal, and can be lots of fun for everyone.
Dancing down the aisle:  We think this trend is fizzling out.  It was fun while it lasted but lets leave dancing for the reception.
Trash the Dress:  While it pains us to think of anyone trashing their gorgeous Wedding Dress, we have seen some very artistic photos from brides who have done this type of photography session.  We predict this trend will stay for a while longer.
Have you seen any new trends at weddings you've attended recently?  What do you think will be the "next big wedding trend?