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Patricia "Trisha" Austin of Michigan True to Her Curves

Patricia "Trisha" Austin of Michigan True to Her Curves

Updated: October 16, 2020

She has a beaming smile and equally infectious laugh, so a good part of my interview was spent trying not to break out into giggles. But I did manage to talk about her upcoming “winter wonderland” wedding and her passion for classic 1950's style – a look she channeled perfectly for the photo shoot!  Meet Trisha Austin Real Bride Real Glamour looking glam modeling our bestselling "Starburst" wedding dress.  

Before and after makeover pictures of plus size bride modeling Sydney's Closet Wedding Dress.

Q: How old are you?
A: 22

Q: How would you describe your True to Your Curves style?
A: I tend to go with whatever’s popular at the moment. But I really like mixing it with classic 1950s style – things like suicide rolls, red lips

Q: Where do you love to shop online? Offline?
A: Torrid and Lane Bryant are two of my favorites. But I’d have to go with Torrid as my #1 pick; I love their clothes.

Q: What inspires your look?
 A: Model Tess Munster – she is my inspiration for everything. She gives me the confidence to try out new styles and new things.

Q: What is your pet peeve about the fashion world?
A: I find that when I go to stores that carry “plus sizes,” those sizes tend to be smaller than what I wear. That issue comes up for me especially when I try to find jeans. The different brands all have different sets of sizes that don’t fit the same way. I can go to one store and I’m a large, when normally I fit into a 2XL. It’s confusing.

Q: What makes you laugh?
A: Everything – I have a big sense of humor! I can find everything funny. And silence makes me laugh, I don’t know why. It will be quiet except for me and people will say, “Why are you laughing?” And I’m like, “I don’t know!”

Q: What makes you cry?
A: If I’m having a bad hair day it gets me down. I use sock buns a lot, so if I try it while I’m getting ready for work and it won’t cooperate, it’s upsetting. It throws off my day.

Q: Who is your favorite curvy celebrity and why?
A: Melissa McCarthy, I love her! Identity Thief was hilarious. I think she has a great sense of style.  

Q: Tell us your favorite moment from the Real Bride photo shoot?
A: I think it was bonding with all the other girls here. There are so many people from different places; it was fun to get to know new people and spend a day together.

Q: What are some of the plans for your wedding?
A: We are doing a “winter wonderland” theme. The wedding is going to be in a pole barn (a large, open barn) in Michigan, so it’s going to feel very rustic. And we’re going for do-it-yourself decorations, which is exactly how we wanted it. We’re hanging lights from the ceiling and having lots of sparkles everywhere! And I have a dress that matches the theme; it’s got sparkle, lace, and beading. I actually wanted a simpler dress with sleeves at first, and ended up falling in love with a style that’s completely the opposite.

Q: How did you meet your fiancé?
A: We met online. We went on a date, and ended up moving in together two weeks later! My last roommate situation didn’t work out, so it just kind of happened naturally. I became his girlfriend two months after that. We got to know each other really well and spent a lot of time together; it was definitely a different experience. 10 months later, he proposed!

Q: What item in your closet can’t you live without?
A: I have a jean jacket vest that fits with the 50s style clothes I like. And I love my scarves! My mom lives in the Netherlands, and scarves are popular there, so she sends them to me. I end up matching my outfits to fit my scarves. I have one with stars, one with mustaches…you name it, I probably have it on a scarf!

Q: What fashion trend are you loving right now?
A: I’d say tribal print leggings. I saw them a couple years ago, and I thought they were hideous! But now I have them and I love them. And I’m liking looks that reference the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Styles from those times are coming back, and they’re fun to wear.