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Meet Model Jodie Folley

Meet Model Jodie Folley

Meet model Jodie Folley from the UK! Jodie has been featured wearing many Sydney's Closet dresses and worked with us at the 2016 Harrogate Market in September. Get to know Jodie, the 2015/16 Miss Plus Size UK winner and see how stunning she looks in Prom and Bridal dresses. Background Information TE1725 in black at market Hometown: Brentwood, Essex, United Kingdom Shoot Date: September 16, 2016 Shoot Location: Cotswold, United Kingdom 1.How did you get started as a plus size model? I entered the biggest Plus Size pageant in the UK in 2015 and went on to win it and was crowned Miss Plus Size United Kingdom 2015/16. From that I was approached about doing some plus size modeling, I have been modeling ever since. Oprah 2.If you could spend an hour with any Celebrity, who would it be and why? Oprah Winfrey because she inspires me in so many different ways and she shows the world it's not your circumstances, but your heart that determines how far you go in this world. 3.What's the one favorite item in your closet that you could never be persuaded to give away? Why? My little black leather biker jacket because it goes with absolutely everything and I love it. :-) 4.Finish this statement: I never leave the house without (give 3 things)... I never leave the house without my phone, my lip gloss and sunglasses. 5.What is your go-to comfort food? Rice is definitely my go to comfort food. 😆 6.Finish this sentence: If I could live anywhere, home would be...MB1607 in water If I could live anywhere, home would be right where I am now, England. 😊 7.Finish this statement: When I want to stop traffic I wear... Nice pair of skinny jeans, a cold shoulder top and a pair of heels. 8.What do you wear when you dress to impress? A black bodycon dress, a classy jacket and a nice pair of heels 9.Tell us about the Charity of your choice. Why did you choose this organization? Save the Children - Today's children are our future and there are so many children living in poverty and times of crisis. Save the children put children first, giving them what they need to grow up happy and healthy, they provide a opportunity to learn and protect children from harm. The continuous work they do everyday is outstanding. 10. What fashion trends are you obsessing over right now? Definitely the cold shoulder trend. I'm loving wearing Bardot and Cold shoulder top right now. UK street with Chinese tourists Want to know more? Find Jodie on social media: Twitter: @Bigprettyme1 Instagram: @Bigprettyme1