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Sydney's Closet #wcw woman crush wednesday Rosalinde Traets

Featured #WCW Beauty: Rosalinde Traets

For our Woman Crush Wednesday this week, we choose Rosalinde Traets. She started being a blogger to show girls that it's OK to be different, and we totally agree! Get to know Rosalinde a little more below!

Get to know our #WCW, Rosalinde Traets!

Instagram: @becoming.ginger
YouTube: Becoming Ginger


What is your trick to staying body positive?
- There isn't any real trick to stay body positive because every time there will be a voice in your head trying to make u feel bad. My tip is to find a style and clothes that fit u well and make u feel special. And always try to do things that make u feel good. I love it when my make u looks good so i spend a little more time on that in the morning just for myself

What’s your go-to look for a night out? Night in?
- My go to look for an night out is of course SPARKLE. Seriously u can never go wrong. Yesterday i found the most insane top with huge sequins on it. Wear it with a cute basic skirt and a lovely lose blazer and you are done.

Do you have a go-to makeup item?
- YES! EYELINER. I can not leave the door without a perfect wing.

If you could give any advice to yourself when you were younger – what would it be?

- Seriously do not give a fuck what other people think of u. I was in an highschool where you had your popular kids who ruled the school. And what they wore yeah that was fashion. But it where always trends i could not wear with my curves so i looked a bit silly.


Do you believe in breaking fashion rules? If so, share an example.
- YES for sure! They always say that curvy woman can not wear like thight things or that they should not wear ruffels. If u have the confidence and the body for it. seriously say fuck it. I love my ruffel shirts.

What do you wish dress designers would do for curvy customers?

- To not think of curvy woman as woman with a size 6 and just supersizing that design. That just does not work.

What item in your closet would you consider a wardrobe staple?
- A good long blazer you can throw on anything.

What's your Style Mantra?

What are your go-to accessories?
- My ginger necklace i got from my best friends and some golden bracelets

What celebrity is your red carpet goals and why?
- Oef difficult. I think i would say Demi Lovato because she just slays

What inspired you to become a fashion blogger/influencer?
- Just wanted to bring some joy to people and let girls know that being different is a good thing.

Give us your best beauty secret?
- Treat yourself. Better buy a good product once in a while then five cheap ones


Sorry if my English is not on point, I am from the netherlands haha but i tried my best!! Thank you so much. All the love, Rosalinde Traets