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Sydney's Closet Plus Size Party Dresses with Sleeves Blog

Why We're Loving Plus Size Party Dresses with Sleeves This Season

Plus Size Party Dresses with Sleeves

At Sydney's Closet we understand that finding sleeves on plus-size long formal gowns and short party dresses can be a true shopping challenge.  All too often when looking for a special occasion dress it seems that the fashion universe features only sleeveless and strapless designs.

The search can be even more daunting if you're shopping specifically for plus size formal gowns with sleeves or a certain color like plus size black formal dresses with sleeves.

We solved that problem by creating a new collection of trendy plus size long evening dresses with sleeves. The collection debuts just in time for the busy November and December party season when your social calendar fills up invitations to celebrate the holidays with family and friends. You'll find styles perfect for all your events whether the invitation reads black-tie only, cocktail attire or dressy casual.

This collection also includes plus size long sleeve dresses for cocktail party, ensuring you have a stylish choice for every occasion.

At Sydney's, we're loving party styles with sleeves this season for women with curvy figures, and you will  too after discovering these benefits of dressing up in sleeves:

  • Sleeves on a cocktail or formal gown make a timeless fashion statement
  • Sleeved styles on dressy dresses give you comfort and confidence all night long
  • Sleeves of all lengths flatter various types of bodies of full-figured women

Sleeves As A Timeless Fashion Statement.

Sleeves look fabulous as a classy and classic design whether you opt to wear them on a glamorous plus-size long formal for a black-tie event, chic knee-length Little Black Dress for a cocktail party or dinner date. 

They are elegant and oh-so ladylike. And did we mention that they bring just the right amount of drama to any party dress no matter what the length: short, tea-length, maxi or floor-length.

You don't have to worry that sleeves will make you look dowdy or frumpy. They can be very fashionable and trendy. Right now we're obsessing over off-the-shoulder sleeves trimmed in feathers for an over-the-top touch of Hollywood glam. And we're drooling over 3/4 or long puffy styles that are very romantic.

Sleeves work on an garment worn after five because they are timeless. Just consider a lace or satin long formal black gown with short sleeves.  You benefit by being able to wear this dress year-round to any event and always be confident knowing that you will arrive in style.

Another advantage is that a black formal with any length sleeve can be styled to look differently at parties depending on your jewelry, evening purse and shoes.  Stick with rhinestone and silver for a very contemporary look or go with gold to make a red-carpet glam statement. Select a bright turquoise to get an eye-popping and contrasting look that's modern.

Sleeved Styles Give You Comfort and Confidence  

You can always count on a dress with sleeves to boost your confidence. Not only will you look good, but you will certainly feel good at the party. 

When you wear a dress that is designed with sleeves you don't have to worry about showing your larger arms, a part of the body so many of us curving women would prefer to cover or camouflage. Now you've erased your concern about leaving the least favorite part of your body exposed.

When you're confident, you feel oh-so much more comfortable in a social setting. And that means you're free to have the best time at the party. This is where plus size party dresses with sleeves shine, ensuring you feel as fabulous as you look.

The alternatives to covering your arms, like shawls, can be fussy to wear. Have you ever tried to hold a drink in one hand, an evening purse in another and find a hand free to keep your shawl from falling off your shoulders? And it's all too easy to forget a shawl draped on the back of a chair.

Evening jackets restrict your movement and can be difficult to dance in.  If a structured design, they can look more suitable for a boardroom meeting than a ballroom dance.

Sleeves Flatter Various Types of Curvy Bodies

Sleeves can help balance your body not matter what your figure shape.

  • Blessed with a curvy hourglass figure? Sleeves help to accentuate your well-proportioned shape and show off your great shape.
  • If your body type tends to be more of a pear and carry your weight below the waist, sleeves can flatter you. They bring the eye up on your torso to take attention away from your hips and buttocks. 
  • If your figure is shaped more like an inverted triangle, sleeves draw the eye out to prevent all the focus going on your large chest.

A Call to Arms

Sleeves always add a touch of class to any party dress.  It doesn't matter what length of sleeve you opt to wear. 

Long sleeves that reach to your wrist make the most elegant and classic fashion statement. And they can be so practical on a chilly evening when you want to keep warm without wearing a jacket or coat. Long sleeve dresses for a cocktail party let you look chic and sophisticated as you sip drinks or champagne.

A three-quarter length sleeve stops short just past your elbow for an oh-so sophisticated look that leaves room to show off your favorite fancy bracelet or watch.  

Short sleeves compliment a shorter hemline of a party dress that hits your leg just above or below the knee. So do cap sleeves, ideal for warmer weather as an option for strapless or sleeveless. 

The key to comfort in sleeves is getting the right fit. Shop for sleeves designed with a full pattern that creates a style with plenty of room. You want to be sure there is plenty of room for a fuller arm to move freely whether the fabric is stretchy or not. 

Avoid sleeves that are lined. They are bulky, uncomfortable and hard to design with enough room in all the right places to accommodate fuller arms.

Remember to pay attention to the fit of the armhole, a pattern piece that can make or break the fit and comfort of a sleeve. When the armhole opening is cut too small, the sleeve, no matter how large, will never fit correctly. That's because your arm will be seriously constricted to the point you can't move your arm up, down, forward or backward.