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Spring Cleaning! Getting Your Closet Organized

Every so often, it feels so good to purge your closet. This means sorting through clothing, dresses, and accessories and making decisions as to what stays, what gets donated, and what gets tossed. Purging can be a freeing experience, not to mention the added bonus of more space for new clothes! Best Closet OrganizationOne rule of thumb is if you haven’t worn it in a year, you don’t need it. If it’s in good shape and still in style, donate it in order to claim a tax deduction for yourself while allowing someone else to enjoy your good taste in clothing. Are you keeping a range of sizes in your closet? Clothing that is more than one size larger or smaller than what you wear should be looked at with a critical eye. Outfits more than one size larger give subliminal permission to get bigger. It’s okay to have some looser, comfy clothing, but not a closet full of unwearable pieces. On the other end of the spectrum is clothing that is too small. Are you hoarding clothing from when you were thinner in hope that you’ll fit in them again? It may be time to let those items go. Ask yourself, if you’d really wear that outfit again. Would it be too dated? Having a couple of ensembles in your goal size is a great incentive to keep exercising and eating healthy, but focusing on the end and not the journey can be self-defeating. Besides, rewarding yourself with new clothing is an even better motivation! Clothing with stains or tears can be tossed. However, if the fabric is of a good quality, consider donating it to a quilting group that will repurpose the fabric. Once you’ve finished with the clothing, it’s time to tackle the shoes. How many times have you purchased a pair of shoes for a specific dress only to wear them once or twice? Donating gently worn shoes makes room for new ones. Tennis shoes should be replaced every year whether they appear worn out or not. Tennis shoes are for activities and activities require good arch support. Don’t skimp on your feet, they’re the only pair you have, unlike your shoe hoard of which you have fifty pair. Purging accessories is next. Sort, donate or toss purses, belts, and scarves. Ideally, when you’re done there will be a lot more space in the closet, and you’ll experience a lightness that comes with unburdening yourself of the unneeded.