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Tips and tricks for dresses as a wedding guest

Wedding Guest Dress Do's and Don'ts

Wedding Guest Dress Do's

  • Follow the dress code on the wedding invitation. You'll show respect for what the bride and groom - as well as their families - want on their big wedding day.

  • Unsure what to wear. If the invitation fails to specific a dress code, you can't go wrong dressing for the time of day when the wedding will be held.

  • Save the floor length evening gown for formal  black-tie weddings

  • Be respectful. Always ask if the church, synagogue, or mosque has a dress code that may require you to cover your head, shoulders or arms during the ceremony.

  • When in doubt, it is always best to dress down. Less is always better. You can't go wrong looking more casual than the other wedding guests! You can feel uncomfortable being overdressed in sequins if everyone else is in a casual frock.

  • Still unsure what to wear. Feel more comfortable by checking with someone in the wedding or a friend who lives where the wedding is taking place. Different regions of the US dress differently for weddings.

  • Wear a black dress to an evening wedding is perfectly acceptable. Be sure to opt for accessories that make it clear you're attending a very happy occasion not a funeral. Add instant gaiety to any black outfit with colorful accessories like a pink flower or purse.

  • Whatever your final dress choice be sure to make it one that allows you to be comfortable head-to-toe. That way, you can enjoy the ceremony and party at the reception. If your uncomfortable, you won't have a good time.

Wedding Guest Dress Don'ts

  • Don't wear white. Ever! You risk competing with the bride or even worse you risk being mistaken for the bride. It's her big day. So let her shine being the only one wearing white in any shade!

  • Don't worry too much about what you wear as the wedding guest. Sorry to say, but all eyes are on the Bride, Bridegroom and wedding party.

  • Don't try to match your dress to the color scheme for the wedding. It's not necessary nor is it expected. Select a color you like that flatters your hair and skin tones. And pick one you love!

  • Don't go overboard. Save glitter and sequins for after 6 p.m. or when the invitations calls for formal attire.
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