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Prom Night Perfection! Prom Style Guide

Prom Night Perfection! Prom Style Guide

Sydney's Closet has YOUR Guide to Prom Style!

Plus Size Prom Style Guide Chances are, that down the road you won't really remember what grade you got on that bio exam freshman year, or who dated who, but what you will remember vividly, and most likely for the rest of your life, is Prom Night! You'll spend countless hours picking out the perfect dress, pinning all your favorite looks on Pinterest and scouring Instagram to make sure your own look is flawless and camera-ready. To give your big night an extra edge, we've created this quick and easy guide to Prom style, so you look your best in your collection of photos that you'll keep forever.  

Prom Style Guide by Sydney's Closet

  prom makeup
  • Prep for Perfection!
    Don't wait until the Big Night to try new beauty products or makeup colors. Instead, try out any new products prior to your prom night prep, and even plan ahead to take test photos of your beauty look beforehand, to make sure your look is just right.
  best prom hair
  • Hair Matters.
    Make sure your hairstyle reflects the special mood of prom. For example, go with a side-swept style that you can really work a good angle with, or opt for a higher than usual top-knot that'll really stand out in photos.
  • Avoid Bright Light!
    Keep out of full-sun photo spots, where uneven shadows could appear in your shots - plus you'll avoid squinting your eyes!
  Best plus size prom pose
  • Work the Angles.
First, try standing with one hip closer to the camera, as you roll your shoulders back to lengthen your spine. This pose will have a confident and slimming effect. Wearing a full length gown? Simply gather your dress to one side, for a natural looking pose. Plus, this easy dress lift lets you show off your ah-mazing shoes!  
  • Give a Little Direction.
    Don't shy away from giving your photographer some basic guidance. Ask your photog (yes, Mom and Dad!) to shoot slightly above eye level, to capture the best angle. Also, mix in some candid shots along with the formal group and couple shots that you'll pose for.

Now you're ready to ROCK YOUR PROM! Wearing a Sydney's Closet style to Prom?

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