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Trending! 2025 Plus Size Prom Dresses in Red or Blue

Trending! 2025 Plus Size Prom Dresses in Red or Blue


What are the most popular colors for plus size Prom 2025 gowns?

Red and Blue top the list for the hottest hues that the best-dressed teens will wear to Prom 2025.  

But which of those two hot hues will win the coveted most popular color for Prom dresses 2025 plus size?  It’s so close that there could be a tie between celebrating the timeless elegance of red plus size prom dresses and the undisputed serene beauty of blue plus size prom dresses.

Trendy Red Plus Size Prom Dresses

What better way to stand out in the crowd on your big night than to wear a smoking hot red plus size formal Prom gown. Afterall, red is  the color of passion and power.  It signals romance and hints at danger. Most of all, a red Prom dress shouts out that you have the energy to pump up the fun factor at Prom and the after party.

Red plus size Prom gowns are more than your chance to make a bold fashion statement. A Prom dress in any shade of red  exudes the confidence you have in showing off your fabulous figure. The color choice lets you own the night no matter what shade of red dress you wear!

Feeling fierce? Opt for a long formal evening gown or a short Prom dress in a fiery scarlet that is sure to turn heads. Prefer to go for a more subtle - but still sophisticated - take on red? Then shop for a dress in deep, dark shades of red like burgundy, wine or a maroon. Look as glamorous as a celebrity in a bright ruby plus-size Prom gown. Who knows? You may love your red formal so much you’ll wear again to Homecoming 2024?

Sydney's Closet Plus Size Collection of Red Prom and Evening Dresses

Red brings a boundless energy that empowers you to have the time of your life at Prom. No wonder red remains a favorite of Hollywood celebrities walking the red carpet at the awards shows.

Best of all, a rouge dress looks pretty on almost all skin tones and hair colors. Pair your red Prom gown with silver or rose gold for a metallic touch that compliments your dress.

Plus Size Red Prom Dresses Online

Where can I find red plus size Prom dresses online? 

Sydney’s Closet offers a huge selection of vibrant red dresses in plus sizes in trendy styles in all the popular shades from a juicy Cherry to a mysterious Marsala to Ruby, a fiery gem with the same name. 

Whatever shade you wear, red is smoking hot for Prom 2025 whether you’re  steaming up the dance floor and posing for selfies with your besties.

At Sydney’s, you will delight in discovering a trendy selection of styles for Prom 2025 all in red. Find sexy sequin Mermaid gowns with long fishtails, classic A-line dresses with V -neckline and playful pockets, slim fitted Trumpet styles that hug your curves in all the right places. 

Shop from a selection of unique red evening fabrics: velvet, sequins, satin, chiffon, tulle net and taffeta.

And an unsurpassed selection of dresses in an extended range of plus sizes for curvy teens who wear 14 to 40.

Don’t be shy about wearing red!  Just give it a try. You’ll discover that this vibrant color livens up the party instantly and puts a big smile on your face.

Royal Blue Plus Size Prom Dresses 

What shade of blue will be hot for Prom 2025 gowns? Plus size Prom dresses in Royal Blue will certainly steal the fashion spotlight. 

The rich color stands out for its depth making it a regal choice. Don’t be surprised if before the night is over you’re crowned Prom Queen in a royal blue gown.  

Royal blue is a color that will certainly charm the crowd. You can count on a strong and sophisticated look no matter whether your blue dress is a ball gown or a fitted sheath. Even better, that color looks vibrant in a variety of fancy fabrics including stretch velvet sequins and satin. 

Sydney's Closet Plus Size Collection of Blue Prom and Evening Dresses

Royal reads very close to Indigo, an inky shade of blue that when dressed casually reminds you of the denim you love to wear. It is also close to Cobalt, a rich blue that flatters darker skin tones and, at the same time, brightens a pale complexion.

Remember, the mood is anything but blue when you wear a royal dress. In fact, this bold color trends to shake things up on and off the dance floor. And did we mention it’s sure to get your notice as much as the lady wearing red. 

Yearning for a little more serenity on your special night? Opt for a softer, lighter shade of blue for your Prom dress. 

Plus Size Blue Prom Dresses

Blue Prom dresses in plus sizes will be on trend for 2025. For decades, Prom girls have rocked wearing  blue plus-size formal gowns. Could it be that this color exudes calmness and serenity? 

Curvy teens love how the cool elegance of some blues mimic the magic of  Mother Nature in irresistible shades like sky or ocean blue.  

At Sydney’s Closet, blue prom dresses in plus sizes come in a wide range of tranquil shades from sweet cornflower blue to  deep, dark sophisticated Navy. In between the light and dark shades, trendy blue gowns come in many jaw-dropping shades. Dusty blue hints at gray making it a slightly darker choice.  Turquoise blue takes a cue from dreamy green tints found in tropical waters. For an eye-popping option, wear a gown in Electric Blue, a bright color choice with a vibrancy.

Best of all, any shade of blue brings out a woman’s eye color that rivals the ability of makeup to. And the color looks majestic when paired with silver or gold accessories.

2025 Plus Size Prom Dress Color Trends

Sydney's Closet duo of SC7381 in black floral and ivory floral

The palette for 2025 plus size prom dresses doesn't start and end  with just reds and blues. You can embrace a rainbow of color options that offer you a wide variety of stylish options. Keep in mind, as you shop, that the 2025 color trends for curvy Prom dresses are all about boldness, sophistication, and self-expression.

Black Plus Size Prom Dresses

Plus size black Prom dresses guarantee you will look elegant at the big dance. The classic color makes a timeless fashion choice for any length dress you want to wear: short, maxi or long formal. 

Shop Sydney’s Closet for a fabulous selection of plus-size black dresses for Prom 2025. Discover styles designed to fit and flatter your curvy figure. Enjoy a wide range of fitted, slim, sexy, Gothic and fairy-tale styles in a vast selection of plus sizes for curvy teens who wear 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40. 

Pastel Perfection

Turn to a pastel gown if you want a gentle but romantic vibe that’s perfect for Prom. Think shades of blush pink, soft lavender, and mint green for a pastel palette. These hues work beautifully with plus size gowns, highlighting elegance through ethereal designs and flowing fabrics.

Metallic Glamour

Metallic shades are also taking center stage, adding a touch of glamor and sophistication to plus size prom dresses. Gold, silver, and bronze gowns are perfect for those looking to shine and make a glamorous statement. The shimmering fabric not only catches the light beautifully but also adds depth and dimension to the dress, creating a stunning silhouette that's sure to capture everyone's attention.

Bold Prints and Patterns

Beyond solid colors, 2025 plus size prom dresses are also embracing bold prints and patterns. Floral patterns, geometric shapes, and even animal prints offer a unique twist to traditional prom attire. These designs are great for those who want to express their personality and stand out from the crowd. Plus, strategically placed patterns can accentuate curves in all the right places, making for a flattering fit.

Sydney's Closet Plus Size Collection of Blue and Red Prom and Evening Dresses

Accessorizing Your Prom Dress

Choosing the right accessories is crucial in completing your prom night look. Whether you opt for a red plus size prom dress or a royal blue prom dress plus size, selecting the right jewelry, shoes, and clutch is essential in bringing your entire outfit together. Remember, less is often more; choose accessories that complement your dress without overwhelming it.

Final Thoughts

Color options for plus size prom dresses in 2025 make this the night all about celebrating your individuality and special style.  

From the fiery passion of red plus size prom dresses to the tranquil elegance of blue plus size prom dresses, and the unique charm of prints and metallics, you’re sure to find a dream dress to fit your fashion taste and personality.

Remember, the perfect prom dress is one that makes you feel confident, beautiful, and comfortable all night long. So, as you kick off the hunt for the perfect 2025 plus size prom dress, keep in mind the best choice is one that reflects your personal style and embraces your curves with style and grace.