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Sydney's Closet Plus Size 2022 Homceoming Trend Alert

Trend Alert | Best Plus Size Homecoming 2022 Dresses

Here at Sydney's Closet our team of fashion pros created this Trend Report so curvy teens like you can know all the hottest looks before shopping for your dream 2022 Hoco dress. 

Read below to discover fashion-forward styles and must-have hues trending for the big Fall football dance.

What plus-sized dresses are hot for Homecoming 2022?

Expect to see a sea of sequins sparkling for HOCO this year as the glamourous fabric pumps up the party  in short semi-formal styles and long formal evening dresses that sparkle all night. 

Of course, you'll see sequins cut in circles but new shapes that take their cue from geometry class including triangles will be very popular. 

Two-tone sequins that combine a lighter and darker shade of the same hue update the traditional one color sparkle with a new twist on classic evening fabric. Layered sequins create an eye-catching look that is new for 2022.

Watch the dance floor to be filled with short, fitted sequin dresses with hemlines that high above the knee. 

At Sydney's, we're obsessed with styles that feature a slit in the skit as an added design detail that is super sexy.  (And did we mention a skirt slit makes dancing easier and getting in and out of the car too!)

We love how the sparkle of sequins lights up the night and looks so glam in photos.

If you're going for a more casual look, skip the sequins. You'll do better if you  stick with plainer fabrics like lace or satins for a semi-formal fashion direction.

Are Hoco dresses with sleeves trending?

Curvy teens, it seems, can't get enough of party dresses with sleeves and Homecoming is no exception.  At Sydney's, our 2022 Collection features short and long sleeves in a variety of fabrics: sequins, net illusion, satin and chiffon.

Styles with sleeves look  elegant and lady like as a cover for your arms but particularly when the length is long or almost to the wrist. 

Long sleeves work perfectly for an evening dance in late summer or early fall when the first hint of colder weather appears at night. 

If you live where the warm Summer weather lingers longer into the Fall, then you're best to opt for a style with cap or short sleeves.  

Will one-shoulder dresses be trendy?


Hot on the heels of popularity at Prom 2022, one-shoulder dresses will be all the rage for Hoco 2022. Could it also be that Hollywood celebrities wearing this chic neckline command all the attention on the red-carpet?

Either way, here at Sydney's we're obsessed with the dramatic and polished look that an asymmetrical neckline design delivers.

We just can't decide if we like it better on short styles that hit at or above the knee or more formal designs that go all the way to the floor.  Be sure to tell us which one you like best.

Dresses with a single shoulder will show up in almost every imaginable fabric but our fashion radar indicates sequins, once again, will most certainly win as the favorite fabric.

What Colors are Trendy for HOCO 2022?

Black, red and navy blue dresses always score big for Homecoming dances. But Homecoming 2022, shades of green rule the fashion scene. 

At Sydney's our stand out shade- of-the-- moment has to be Emerald Green.

Maybe it's the hue's magical tone as a classic shade favored by regal women who express confidence and sophistication. 

Or could it be the energy that Emerald exudes energy and fantasy (Think Wizard of Oz).

We finally concluded it has to be that Emerald Green is the color to wear this year because it is so rooted in rooted in Mother Nature and surrounds our natural environment. 

If Emerald feels too bold for you, opt for a lighter shade of green like sage or mint. 

Two or Three Trends Are Better Than One

If you're looking to ride the fashion wave of hot Hoco dress trends, then may we suggest you wear one dress that combines two or three trends.

Look no further than Style SC8114, a short dress that sparkles with two-tone sequins that catches the eye on a one-shoulder neckline fitted with a long sleeve. You'll love the comfy feeling of the stretch velvet that hugs your curves in all the right places..

Craving a green frock with a hemline that hits just above your knees?  Take a look at Style SC8103 in a shimmer satin or Style SC8122 in peacock sequins. Either dress lets your shine all night.   

Going for a minimalistic look?  Style SC8115, in a polished satin, pumps up the fun factor in your choice of fuchsia, purple, red and royal.  Deep pockets in the swing skirt and the scoop neckline tell everyone you're very on trend.

Trends are important. But keep in mind the perfect Homecoming dress must fit you body type and fit your fashion personality - if you're going to make a grand entrance at the big dance.

Our best advice? It's never too early to shop for your dress. Start browsing online and in stores before you even head back to school. 

Set a budget so you don't fall in love with a dress you can't afford.  

Remember, homecoming may take a back stage to Prom when it comes to school dances but you still want to score a fashion touchdown with the dress you wear.