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Dress Up Tips Marine Corps Birthday Ball

It happens every year.  Just like clockwork.  Staring late summer we get super busy with customers shopping for the perfect plus size evening dresses to wear to the U.S. Marine Corps Birthday Ball held each November. What better way to celebrate and honor  the long, distinguished history of the Marines than with the traditional ball. Dress code mandates Marines wear  Evening Dress "B" or Blue Dress "A.  For civilians, the men wear black tie. Of course, women attending the balls,wwhetherit is held stateside or overseas, always dress to impress  five-star general. And the 237th Marine Military Birthday Balls held in November 2014  are no exception.  Soldiers, wives, fiances and girlfriends hunt for the perfect evening formal.

Dress Up Tips Marine Corps Birthday Ball

This is the night to be classy not brassy.  Best to leave the shine to the medals worn by those in uniform.   Instead, opt for an elegant, timeless long formal evening dress. Skip the Cinderella style ball gowns. You may have your Prince Charming on your arm.  But a fairy-tale look falls short of the fashion sophistication needed for you to make a grand entrance at this ball. And don't dare to bare for the birthday bash.  This isn't the time to show off too much skin.   Avoid skirts slit too high, plunging necklines and open backs.  You can still be sexy if you leave a little to the imagination. Hue cue:  pick a color for your dress that compliments your dates uniform.   Silver and gold make perfect choices.  They are both neutrals.  Or opt for another jewel tone to compliment his dark blue dress uniform.  Red, in any shade, makes a striking choice.  Shy away from colors and prints that attract too much attention. SC7121-navy-front And you'll want to be sure the dress is tailored for a flattering fit.   Avoid clingy fabrics that show lumps and bumps. go for a fabric like chiffon that flows.  You want to be comfortable for an evening of dining and dancing.  And be sure to leave enough room for the birthday cake. (After the tradition of serving the first piece to the oldest Marine attending the ball and watching him pass it to the youngest as a symbol of passing knowledge and experience from one generation to the next. Happy Birthday Marines!   And thank you for your extraordinary service to our country.