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Prom Shoes | 5 Tips for Head-to-Toe Glamour

Prom Shoes | 5 Tips for Head-to-Toe Glamour

What dancing shoes will you wear to Prom 2018? Of course you want to literally put your best food forward so you get that head-to-toe glamour look so right for the big night.

But be careful when you start shopping for Prom shoes.

You don't want the super stylish shoes to be so attention-getting they shift the focus away from your dress and onto your feet.

Consider it this way: the shoes you wear to Prom 2018 play the role of the maraschino cherry that decorates the very top of an ice-cream sundae.  Your Prom gown, just like the ice-cream scoops in a sundae, should always be the very center of attention.  The cherry, or your shoes, just ices how fashionably delicious you look.

When it comes to budget, Seventeen magazine tells us the average Prom girl spends about $45.00 on her Prom shoes.  So it won't be an easy feat to find fabulous footwear for Prom 2018 that fits your budget and your fashion look.

Not to worry! The super stylists at Sydney's Closet, designer of plus size Prom dresses, can help by offering you these five fantastic tips on how to shop for the Prom shoes of your dreams.

It's so important that you decide first on the dress that you will wear to Prom 2018. Not until you've found THE gown can you start shopping for your Prom shoes. Why let a pair of shoes force you to narrow down the choices of your Prom gown by backing you into a corner for a color or style? Always keep in mind that making the right footwear choice helps you effortlessly pull off your perfect - and very polished - look for the big night.


Kick those killer high heels!  Prom 2018 shoes are about individuality, creativity and comfort.  You can still look glam on the big night wearing studded sneakers, patent pumps and combat or cowboy boots.

If you have your heart set on wearing heels, consider the trendy wedge. You get a boost in your height without towering on stilettos. And the look is so in!

With any of these cool alternatives to high heels, you are sure to  make a strong fashion statement And your feet will love you all night long! 

Pump up the fun factor wearing edgy footwear that shows your playfulness. Entertain these possibilities:

  • push the metal to the pedal in a Rose Gold sequin stilettos or silver metallic strappy heels
  • show a little skin in clear patent pumps 
  • high-top sneakers with shoe-laces to match your Prom dress
  • walk on the wild side of Prom 2018 in animal print shoes paired with a black Prom dress. You're sure to get spotted! 
  • be crowned Prom Queen in glittering sequin flats that sparkle when you dance with the Prom King in your dreamy ballgown.
  • razzle and dazzle the crowd in heels embellished with feather or pearls


    Always plan to practice walking in your shoes before the big night. Or else you could regret it.  Who wants to sit on the sideline missing the fun because new shoes rubbed their feet so badly they blistered? Not you!  Start breaking in your shoes at least a week before Prom.  Wear them around the house. Take them for a spin on the front steps or driveway.  You will be thrilled you had a dress rehearsal! If you need to go great lengths for a shoe that fits, you're best off shopping online for the best selection of Size 10, 11 and 12 Prom shoes in wide widths.





    Almost every Prom gown needs alterations.  Remember to bring along your show-stopping shoes when you make an appointment with the tailor or dressmaker.  Never shorten the hemline in any footwear other than the pair you will wear on Prom night. The last thing you don't want to do is risk making the dress too short for your moment on the red carpet