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Brides and Grooms Rush to Wed on 11/12/13

Most brides and grooms favor tying the knot on weekends when it's easy for family and friends to get off work and, if necessary, travel. But find a sequential date on a calendar and it doesn't matter what day of the week the wedding falls on. Couples love the idea of getting married on  a month, day and year that follow a sequential pattern. Yesterday was no exception as couples rush to the altar. On 11/12/13 almost eight times as many couples wed as the year before according to David's Bridal. The Knot estimates about 3,000 couples were registered to be wed on 11/12/13, about quadruple any other Tuesday in November. No one seems to care that their wedding happened on a Tuesday. Brides wore anything from informal wedding dresses to elaborate designs with long trains.  In Las Vegas, one chapel performed 65 weddings on 11/12/13 compared to last Tuesday when the officiated at only seven ceremonies.  In New York City, The Today Show took the number game a step further having a couple get married on national television at 9:10 a.m. EST.

November, 12, 2013 Couple Weds on NBC credit Peter Kramer

No one knows for sure what is the fascination. Could it be that it makes remembering the date simple? Does it appear to bring good luck? Is it just a novelty that adds to the celebration? Is it the rarity that only 12 times in this century the calendar appears with sequential dates. In case your keeping time, the next consecutive date is 12/13/14.  None to soon to book the church if you're planning to exchange vows on that date. It just happens to fall on a Saturday, already the most popular day of the week to get married.   Image Credit Peter Kramer