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Plus Size Wedding Dresses with Pockets Sydney's Closet

Pockets in Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Shopping for plus size wedding dresses with pockets? You've got plenty of company.  Curvy brides-to-be love the idea of a wedding gown designed with pockets. 

What's behind the trend for wedding gowns with pockets?

As a designer of special occasion dresses, I can tell you that brides love the unique and trendy fashion detail because it's:
  • Practical
  • Functional
  • Non-traditional
  • Unexpected

Think about how on one of the biggest day's of your life, holding a wedding purse can be cumbersome and awkward.  Afterall, you only have two hands! During the ceremony and reception, you want to keep your arms and hands free so you can:

  • slip on your wedding band during your vows
  • kiss the bride groom at the end of the ceremony
  • dance your first song in front of family and friends at the reception
  • hug your guests as they congratulate you - and your partner -on tying the knot

If you wear a dress with compartments sewn into the skirt, you instantly get a place to stash something you just can't live without at your wedding.  Maybe that something is your cell phone, lip gloss or lipstick, your vows or speech for the reception. Some brides even put a small smooth stone in a pocket as a way to rub away any wedding day jitters. 

Sydney's Closet Plus Size Wedding Dresses with Pockets SC5266, SC5280, SC5246

If you're sentimental, consider putting a family heirloom like a locket or handkerchief in your pocket that could come in very handy.  Or maybe a pocket is the perfect place for you to go down the aisle carrying something blue like a ribbon.

Pockets Look Oh-so Fashionable

Sure pockets are functional, but they are also a thoroughly modern design detail that looks chic and very polished. Plus they look sensational with any style bridal dress whether it's a casual Boho dress, a formal bridal ball gown with long sleeves or a billowy chiffon A-line for a beach wedding.

Pockets work with any neckline you select: halter, scoop, square, V-neck or plunging neckline or even if you go down the aisle in a strapless gown.  

Not wearing a long formal dress for your vows? No problem. You don't have to sacrifice the convenience of pockets. Look for tea-length wedding dresses with pockets for a cute and very flirty fashion with a retro vibe.

Who says you have to wear a dress to have pockets when you go down the aisle. If you're tying the knot in bridal pants or a white wedding jumpsuit, you can still catch the trend.  Just look for a style with compartments sewn into the side of the leg seam. 

Wedding Dress Style Best for Pockets

As a designer of plus size wedding dresses, I often get asked if I can create a style with pockets? The answer is yes but only if the style and fabric are right for this design detail.

Pockets work best on a A-line silhouette where the skirt gets cut on a pattern that is narrow at the high hip and then widens as it reaches the hemline. The design gets its name because the shape of the skirt basically forms the letter "A".

Best of all, an A-line dress lets pockets smoothly blend into the side seams so the compartments don't detract from the overall design.

Caution!  It's best to steer clear of sewing pockets into curve-hugging Trumpet and Mermaid bridal gowns. The super narrow skirts on these silhouettes prevent pockets from being inconspicuously sewn into the dress and you risk detracting from the overall style.


Fabric Best for Pockets

Pockets sewn in opaque bridal fabrics like satin and taffeta create a smooth, flat finish for a classic and polished look. Because you can't see through these materials, only you - and maybe your bridal party - know what's stashed inside the  opening in the folds of the skirt. 

Sheer fabrics, like chiffon, tulle or lace, will let your guests peek inside (so you will definitely need to be more selective about what your stash away!). These fabrics are more delicate than satins and taffeta so be prepared to handle the pockets very gently to avoid any tears or rips. 

I always advise curvy brides to test their pockets before the wedding day. It's important to be certain your hands fit comfortably inside the pocket. Be sure the opening at the seam on the side is wide enough to avoid the fabric tugging or  tearing. If needed, you can alter the compartment to fit your hands by increasing the size of the opening at the side seam.

Can you add pockets to a wedding dress?

Ideally, the very best time to create the pockets is when the fabric is cut for the dress. This gives you the best match of fabric and color. But if you can't live without that detail on your big day, an experienced seamstress or tailor can create pockets by opening the side seam and inserting fabric. 

SC5246 Sydney's Closet Pocket Perfection Plus Size Chiffon wedding gress with slit and open back