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Shades of a White Wedding Dress

Shades of a White Wedding Dress

White: a color without hue at one extreme end of the scale of grays, opposite to black. A white surface reflects light of all hues completely and diffusely. Most so-called whites are very light grays: fresh snow, for example, reflects about 80 percent of the incident light, but to be strictly white, snow would have to reflect 100 percent of the incident light. It is the ultimate limit of a series of shades of any color. (
Long gone are the days of only having "white" wedding gowns to choose from.  For example, the gown shown above - Sydney's Closet Eternal Grace - is actually Ivory.  Too many, at quick glance we would call it White.  But for many brides the shade can be very important.  It may be a factor in the wedding theme, bridesmaids dresses, or personal taste. It is important to know the specific names of the shades of white, and what shades they each represent.  As you can see by the few examples we pictured here, the difference can be quite a bit.