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Plus Size Accessories We Love

accessorize your formal gown

A Wise Guide

Shop women's formal wear accessories to add dazzle to any plus size Prom, Bridal, Evening, Cocktail or Party Dress. These evening gown accessories aren't an option. They are essential if you want to pull together a polished, elegant look for your big day or night!

There are few rules to go by when selecting your special occasion shoes, jewelry, purses and niceties like evening gloves or an evening wrap like a jacket or cape.

But if you want to make a grand entrance, keep in mind: 



Less is best. Never let the glamorous accessories take away from your dress, especially if the fabric is gold, silver or bronze. Too many accessories detract from the beauty of your evening or wedding gown. Be sure it remains your fashion center piece.

When it comes to formal wear accessories like jewelry, consider wearing one fabulous and fashionable statement piece. A bold and beautiful necklace typically works - unless you have a halter gown.  then you want to opt for sensational earrings.

Head-to-toe Glamour!

Of course, you want to put your best foot forward for your big day or night.  If you're going to wear high heels, be sure to wear them around the house to break them in. Otherwise, you could be too uncomfortable to dance or even enjoy the celebration. Consider a wide width evening shoe if you plan to stand on your feet for a long time. We recommend Benjamin Walk evening shoes.

Low heels, dressy sandals or even ballet flats might be a better option if you are not used to wearing high heels.  

Benjamin walk wide width shoes               benjamin walk wide width bridal shoes

It's In The Bag

You'll need an evening purse to coordinate with your dress. It doesn't have to match in color but it should in style. There's nothing wrong with a neutral like silver, gold or black.

Styling Tip: You can plan on making a real fashion statement if you wear evening shoes or a purse that contract, instead of match, your dress. Go for a pop of color pairing red heels with a little black dress. Or wear black high heels with that LBD and get graphic wearing a red purse.


What's Underneath

girlygogarterHave the proper undergarments is essential. Choosing a well-made bra that will offer you support and comfort is important.

Styling Tip: Try on your bra with your gown before alterations, during alterations and after! The right undergarments can change the whole fit of a dress. 

Don't forget shape wear to smooth out your curves under your special occasion dress. You may need shapewear to get the perfect fit. 

Looking to carry your items but don't want to hold a purse? Check out GirlyGoGarter, the perfect accessory to carry all of your essentials. 


Bridal Accessories & More

Are you the bride who plans on going down the aisle in style? Then you are bold enough to wear that "something blue" on your feet. It makes for great pictures!

Consider a bridal jacket or cape if you're wearing a strapless wedding gown for your ceremony. Slip it off at the reception for a more relaxed look.

Bridal belts are all the rage.  Select one that works well with the fabric and design of you wedding gown.  The options are endless.  Personalize your wedding day selecting a belt that reflects your fashion personality.  

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