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Meet the designer

Phyllis Brasch Librach

Before ending her first career 12 years ago as an award winning journalist, Phyllis Brasch Librach became inspired to trade deadlines for hemlines. She wanted to take the tears out of shopping for her daughter and all daughters, mothers, sisters, aunts and friends with real curves.  In a world where thin is too in, Librach found it unfair that millions of teens and women were fashion-starved for stylish plus-size dresses to wear to life's most important celebrations.

Today, Librach is the leading plus size special occasion dress designer and online retailer for Prom, Wedding, and Formal gowns. 

Over the last decade, Sydney's Closet and its retail partners throughout the United States, Canada, South America, Europe and Australia have dressed tens of thousands of plus-size teens and women.  This internationally recognized company continues to set the bar for extraordinary plus-sized fashion.   Librach said “Our glam prom and bridal designs have been seen on the dance floors in high school gyms for Prom and Homecoming, on celebrities walking the red-carpet in Hollywood and going down the aisle of churches and beaches.”


Librach’s designs have been featured on the pages of O, The Oprah Magazine, Teen Prom and Seventeen, The Chicago Tribune, and on several television shows.  Librach was christened the “Fairy Godmother of Plus Size Women” by one such publication.  


Authentic Sydney's Closet plus size special occasion dresses combine an expert fit,
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The cheap counterfeits are such a fashion disaster that not even a
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Even worse, counterfeit dresses purchased online are virtually impossible to return.

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