Prom planning checklist

Prom 2021 may seem so far away but it will creep up on you sooner than you can blink. Are you ready to go Prom Crazy

Yikes! There’s so much to consider during the countdown: tickets, the dress and dazzling accessories, the budget (you don’t want to blow!), flowers, limo, pre and post Prom parties. 

Keep calming about going to Prom 2021. We’ve got you covered with our Prom Planner that effortlessly organizes you for a perfect night. All that will be left for you to do is have fun!

Three Months Before

• Get Psyched! Going solo, with a date or group of friends? So many great options! Consider which one works best for you and then start putting those plans in action. 

• Dollars that Make Sense. Prom gets super expensive, as costs from dance tickets to the gown to a limo add up quickly.  Set a budget that works for you and your family. Short on cash? Start saving now or ask family for graduation and birthday gifts in advance.  Work in a local dress shop to get a deep discount on your Prom frock. 

• Find your dream dress.  It’s never too early to start the hunt for the Prom dress of your dreams. Create a Pinterest board and pin dresses you love. For inspiration, consider the theme of your Prom. Best to shop with Mom or one trusted friend.

Prom planning checklist three months before prom

One Month Left

• Select details that dazzle: shoes,  jewelry and evening purse. Tip:  never buy your Prom shoes first. It will limit your options for the dress!

• Take your dress to a seamstress or tailor to get alterations done for a perfect fit. Be sure to wear the undergarments and shoes you plan to wear to Prom.

• Book your salon appointments: hair, makeup mani pedi. Be sure to schedule enough time to get it all done. You don’t want to rush! 

• Buy your Prom tickets.  You’ll need them to get into the dance.

• Brainstorm your plans or before and after Prom parties. Check is the school is planning any official events. 

• Reserve the limo or arrange for a friend or relative with cool wheels to drive you.

Prom planning checklist 1 month before prom

Two weeks before

• Get your hair trimmed and give any new hair do a trial run.

• Break in your Prom shoes.
Tip: rough up the soles with sandpaper or by walking outside. You don’t want to slip on the dance floor!

• Order corsages and keep it simple

• Confirm the limo reservations.

• Coordinate with friends and family where and when you’ll take photos

Prom planning checklist two weeks before prom

Five days before

• Stage a dress rehearsal. Try on your entire outfit, dress, shoes and accessories.

• Double check everything looks and feels great.

• Beauty treatments like eyebrows, waxing, facial and tanning best done now.

Prom planning checklist 5 days before prom night

Day Before

• Have a pampering party with BFFs to give yourself a mani and pedi or let the professionals at a salon do your fingers and toes.

• Wash and condition your hair the night before Prom. Hairstyles hold so much better when your tresses aren’t squeaky clean.

• Pack your evening purse. Don’t forget the breath mints and safety pins.

• Hang out your dress. 

• Head to bed early for your beauty rest.

Prom planning checklist day before prom

Day of Prom

9 AM Sleep in then have a light breakfast of cereal or fruit.

10 AM Get in a workout even if it’s just a walk

10:30 AM Shower and get dressed. Wear a button down shirt so you avoid pulling anything over your head later. You don't want to risk ruining your hairdo and makeup.

11AM Pickup corsages and boutonnieres  flowers and stash in refrigerator

Noon:  Eat a healthy and light lunch. Steer clear of burgers and fries. Stick with salad, yogurt protein and tons of water.

12:30 PM Charge your phone and finalize our your Prom Night Playlist.

1 PM Rest hour. Nap or relax just relax.

2:30 PM Hair and makeup appointment. 

5 PM  Super snack protein bar, apple or energy drink. 

5:30 PM Slip on your Prom dress and all your accessories.

6 PM out the door for pictures

6:30 Climb in the limo and head to dinner or head directly to the dance

Prom planning timeline for prom day prep