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Belles & Beaus 2019 Retailer Highlight

Belles & Beaus 2019 Retailer Highlight

Location: Winchester, TN

Carries: Prom & Bridal

When & why did you start selling formal wear?

Belles & Beaus opened April 1, 2013. We love formal wear! And we love being part of special times in people's lives!

Name two things you would like future customers to know about your store.

We will work with you to find your perfect dress and we have a great staff of stylists!!

What do you love about Sydney's Closet?

That they cater to young ladies that are above the average size, believing every girl deserves to look beautiful!!

GIF tease prom 2019 plus size dresses

If you were to tell one person "Thank You" for helping you become the person you are today, who would it be and what did they do?

My dad, Thomas Crowley helped shape who I am today. Some of his mantras were, "The easiest way is NOT the best!", "Any job worth doing, is worth doing well!", and "Measure twice, cut once!"

What characteristic do you most admire in your staff?

How they 'click' with each other. They have each other's back, so to speak. But they really love helping girls find their perfect dress.

Which Sydney's Closet dress is your all time favorite? Why?

That's a HARD one, they are all beautiful!!

What trends are you noticing for prom this year?

The metallic material.

Describe the biggest accomplishment so far for your business.

Surpassing our goals for 2018

What is the best business advice you have been given?

Set goals, always learn.

Do you have a store "motto" - spoken or unspoken? If so, what is it?

Where Dreams DO Come True!

michael bubleWhich celebrity would you love to have walk into your store? Why?

Micheal Bublé
, so he could sing for our customers and after seeing him in concert, I just think he would be interested in what we do and would appreciate how we do what we do!

What do you love about the 2019 Tease Prom Collection?

The material and colors.

Describe what a new customer could expect while visiting your store.

Our stylists are interested in what you are looking for and know the dresses so they can help you find it!


Discover more about Belles & Beaus

Facebook: @bellesandbeaustn

Instagram: @bellesnbeaus114