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Fashion Forecast: Spring 2018 Prom and Bridal Gowns

Fashion Forecast: Spring 2018 Prom and Bridal Gowns

The Sydney's Closet fashion design team just back from Hong Kong Fashion Week (still slightly jet lagged!) where we got our first hint of what will be hot for Spring 2018 Prom and Bridal Collections.  

The annual show gives us a front-row seat to the very latest in design, fabrics, trims and embellishments. (And who can resist the excitement of an event with a view of Hong Kong Harbor!)

Based on what we saw, here’s our fashion forecast for trends you will see when Sydney’s Closet Collections debut for Spring 2018:

-        High-low skirts: returning trend!

-        Off- the -shoulder necklines: very Hollywood glam

-        Mikado satin: so rich and regal

-        Floral wedding gowns: what a pretty picture

-        Flower prints for Prom:  Spring time fancy

-        Blush bridal gowns: oh-so feminine

It’s hard to believe we are already hard at work designing Prom 2018 dresses when we are just starting to sell 2017 Prom dresses.

Before heading to Hong Kong we spent a week in mainland China traveling by bullet trains to check in on the factories that sew our plus size special occasion dresses. We even ran into a beautiful Chinese bride and her groom on the way to their own wedding festivities! 

We had to be absolutely sure that our 2017 Prom and Bridal Collections were completed and shipped before the country shut down in honor of the annual Chinese New Year celebration.

It was a nail-biting experience. But we did manage to get all the dresses on their way to our headquarters in St. Louis before the end of January - even if last-minute we decided to bring back an extra suitcase on the plane stuffed with Prom gowns.

Signs of the New Year celebration for the year of the rooster were everywhere we turned from hotel lobbies to office building doors. The Chinese create elaborate decorations to usher in the new year showcasing the traditional red color a symbol of good fortune.

The eye-catching displays can be as elaborate as public displays seen in the Western world for the December holidays. The custom of a decorating an orange tree with red envelopes reminded us of adorning Christmas trees with ornament.

We can’t wait to see them again when we visit China in January 2018!