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Hometown Photo Shoot on Location

Hometown Photo Shoot on Location

Our fit model Lindsey introduced us to a local photographer who blew our mind with the beautiful hometown photo shoot on location in a park. We were lucky enough to get to interview the photographer, Andreea DeMiere, and wanted to share our story with our readers. Andreea DeMiere

Photo Shoot information:

Photographer: Seraphine Photography by Andreea DeMiere Models: Lindsey Owens (Instagram: @midwestdiamond314) and Jessica White (Instagram: @whoisjmarie) Hair/Makeup Artist: Hair and Makeup for Lindsey was provided by Megan O’Donnell (Instagram: @msmeganmakeup) Jessica White executed her own makeup and hair. Location: Mastodon Park in Saint Louis, Missouri Accessories: Jewelry by Almost Classy Designs Crowns by Vauje Jewels

Images from the shoot:

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Our Interview with Andreea:

  [caption id="attachment_9337" align="alignleft" width="300"]Annie Leibovitz Annie Leibovitz[/caption] Describe your business, photography style and business history briefly. I am an avid admirer of fashion photography and fashion in general and still developing my own style. I admire photographers like Mario Testino , Terry Richardson, Annie Leibovitz and the works of my friends Andres Lalaguna and Joshy George. My own Seraphine is an angel of fire, whose dreams push her to create, connect, share and inspire. Where do you call home? Home is wherever we are living right now! My family and I are travelers, more like nomads, but we have currently set camp in St. Louis, Missouri. How did you get into photography? Photography has always been my passion, ever since receiving a very low-end digital point and click camera when I was about 15. Back then, though, I would take photos of nature and my cat. Fashion photography has slowly grown on me by reading fashion magazines and generally observing the very stylish people of Dubai, where we lived for 5 years. What has been your most memorable photography session and why? One of the best photo shoots I experienced was about a year and a half ago, when my fellow photographer friends and I organized a large event in the studio. About 10 models took part, along with makeup artists, and we just had a blast shooting, improvising, creating and having fun. What is your favorite food? When it comes to food, making one choice is hard for me. I enjoy cooking and eating, but if you want to impress me, take me to a fancy restaurant. The 5 star kind, where they serve small amounts of food on large plates along with sophisticated desserts. Nikon or Cannon? I shoot Nikon, but I am truly convinced that the camera or brand doesn’t matter. As a good friend of mine said, whatever fits your hand best! What is your favorite type of event to shoot? Wedding, portraits, kids, other? Why? The type of photography I am most interested in is fashion editorial. I don’t see myself shooting weddings or events and children are not easy to work with. [caption id="attachment_9335" align="aligncenter" width="998"]Screenshot from Fashion Webpage for Seraphine Photography Screenshot from Fashion Webpage for Seraphine Photography[/caption] How would you describe your fashion style? My own fashion style is not easily describable. I tend to wear some sort of uniform when shooting, though, and that is black jeans, comfortable tops and hiking boots! Aside from your camera, what is your favorite photography accessory that you could not live without? A reflector. The best inexpensive, reliable accessory there is. [caption id="attachment_9333" align="alignleft" width="300"]White Sands Landscape Photo Courtesy: White Sands Natural Monument Facebook Page[/caption] If you could shoot at any location in the world, where would it be and why? I am planning a shooting trip to White Sands in New Mexico. The contrast between the sand and the sky is just fantastic! What is one word or phrase you catch yourself saying too often? Never stop learning. Natural light or studio light? Mr. DeMiere by Andrea DeMiere I prefer natural light, simply because it gives the best skin tones. Can you share your all time favorite image that you have taken and why? My all-time favorite image is the one of my husband. I took him to my friend’s studio to take a corporate headshot of him and this particular image shows his goofy side. What advice would you give to an aspiring photographer? If all you think about is how to take better photos, how to tell stories through your images and how to better understand the light and these questions keep you up at night, you know you have a burning passion. Just keep shooting!

Want more of Andreea DeMiere?

Check her out at: Website: or Facebook: seraphinebyandreeademiere Instagram: seraphinephoto To book a shoot, send Andreea a message on social media or call 314-737-3456.