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Plus Size model Sharon D from the UK wearing a black body suit, heels and sitting on a chair. Text says "Beauty isn't a size"

Meet Model Sharon D


Background Information

Hometown: Galway, Ireland

Shoot Date:
October 17, 2016

Shoot Location:
Miss Curves Ireland Pageant

Assets IRE & Pose Plus UK




What is your current title?
My Title is Miss Curves Ireland 2016/17

Why did you enter the pageant world and this specific pageant?
I entered this pageant as it was the first year Ireland Pageants ran the Miss Curves section and I really wanted a platform to be able to help empower and inspire women. I lost 56 pounds in 2014 and started working out again. So much so I did my first Triathlon this year going from couch to tri in 3 months. I think most people are on a journey and deserve to look good and feel good along the way. People don't always praise themselves and in fact sometimes treat themselves bad which leads to them feeling bad about themselves. I want to help people get out of this vicious circle.

Collage of Sharond D plus model from Ireland wearing Sydney's Closet, Michelle Bridal & Tease Prom gowns


What do you want Sydney's fans to know about you?
I am a Award Winning Hair and Make Up Artist. I have a local radio show called Glamourous about hair makeup and fashion. I am a mother of 7! I am available for modelling and appearances. My dreams are to one day open SharonD's College of Hair and Make Up Artistry and also my sun moon stars dream would be to present my own television show.

What do you wear when you dress to impress?
I love love love dressing up in a evening gown the more princesses the better. Now I have my fab bling crown and so many events to go to I am getting the chance to wear gowns all the time. Before this I might wear one a year now I need one every few weeks!

sharon d wearing custom sydney's closet gown for miss ireland curves



Tell us about the Charity of your choice. Why did you choose this organization?
I have 3 Charities of choice. One is The Irish Heart Foundation. I did my first Triathlon for them this year. My father died from his 9th heart attack at the age of 57. Women sometime think this is more a man's disease but everyone should get checked regularly. HOPE is a charity I have done some work with. HOPE has built schools and hospitals in Calcutta helping Street children and families. I realize it is only a matter of location as to how your life can be and we should help people who were not born in a country like ours. I also support Autism charities I have worked closely with children with Autism using ABA for a number of years.



What fashion trends are you obsessing over right now?
With Christmas coming up glitter is everywhere and I love it, it's magical. Also for the pass 2 fall seasons in Ireland the Jackets that have cut out arms and throw over the shoulders have been around and are back again for 2016. Love them as I love a nice cut Jacket and this changes it up a little.

Finish this statement: I never leave the house without (give 3 things)...
My Phone like most it is always attached to me I probably can't leave a room without it let alone the house. Sunscreen I always have it with me. I do a lot of swimming and gym so once my face is washed I always feel the need to top up even in Ireland! Money of course Just in case I forget anything.

How did you get started as a plus size model?
I started plussize modelling in London in 1997, back then it was easier to get work as not so many girls were doing it. I took time out from modelling when I moved to Ireland and completed my family of 7 children. Modelling helped me with my other hat I wear as a Award Winning Hair and Make Up Artist as I used to spend a lot of time in the make up chair soaking in all that was happening.

If you could spend an hour with any Celebrity, who would it be and why?
It would have to be a top designer. I would love a hour to explain why Plussize clothing should be have more designers. How it shows real talent to design to suit Curves and what a big market they are missing out in. Of course we have Sydney's for amazing dresses but casual wear still needs more.  

What's the one favorite item in your closet that you could never be persuaded to give away? Why?
I have one pair of heels that are just so so comfortable. They are my catwalk go to I am dreading the day they give up on me. I know at this stage they owe me nothing but still when you have a all day job and the colour suits I would choose these every time.

What is your go-to comfort food?
My mother is from Trinidad and I have to say when you leave home I think you do miss your mum's cooking. I have learnt them myself now and even my Irish husband can make a nice pot of food.  

Finish this sentence: If I could live anywhere, home would be...
With loved ones. I haven't seen enough of the world to make this choice. But once we are safe and healthy anywhere with my family. But I have to say Ireland is a beautiful country full of history and nature.

Finish this statement: When I want to stop traffic I wear...
My best smile

Want to know more? Find Sharon D on social media:
Facebook: @theplussizemodel
Twitter: @SharonDsSalon