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Countdown China Design Trip Jan 2015

It happens every January. The Fashion Team scrambles to  get ready to make the 8,500 miles to China from our headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri.  With just over two weeks until we leave, the countdown to our China Design Trip Jan 2015 is official on! Last year  the Team fell behind with preparation when the Polar Plunge forced us inside. But this year we can't blame life-threatening below-zero temperatures. The weather is wintry but certainly nothing to keep us home like last year.  Still, it seems like we will never get it all done in time to make the 16,000 mile round trip to design the Spring 2016 Collection of plus size Special Occasion Dresses. Skyline Hong Kong, China Day

Hong Kong harbor & skyline

But somehow - each and every year - we manage to do. Doing it Differently This year we're making some changes that we hope will save time and leave us in much less in a last-minute frenzy.   The biggest one is weaning ourselves of the massive three-ring binders we traditionally lug to China stuffed with pages of sketches, notes and swatches. This year we've moved all that must-have material onto a Microsoft RT Tablet that we still need to get up to speed on using.  (Check back later to see how we do!) To-Do List:  Of course, leveraging the power of technology doesn't mean we still don't have a lengthy "to-do" list:
  • order more space-saving storage bags to squeeze samples in our luggage photograph samples we don't have room to pack organize the lace appliques for the wedding dresses
  • buy an extension chord for hotel room and an extra converter print out passes for entry to fashion shows buy a travel-size stapler sort beading samples by dress collections:  Prom, Bridal and Social stock up on batteries for everything from cameras to flashlights charge international cell phone
  • pack clothes after check of weather in China double and triple check passports and visas try to remember what we forgot to do!
Wheels Up Our journey begins early on the morning of Friday, January when we leave St. Louis for San Francisco.  After a 4.5 hour flight, we face a nine-hour layover until our flight for Hong Kong departs. It will be another 15 hours before we land in Hong Kong. We will head straight from the airport to Hong Kong Fashion Week headquartered at the mammoth Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in the heart of the bustling Wan Chai District business and financial district. (Did I mention an amazing view of the Hong Kong harbor?) It's always a whirlwind at Hong Kong Fashion Week as we attempt to pack our days scouting the latest fashion trends.  But this year we're carving out time for the Hong Kong Fashion Extravaganza that promises to bring together western and eastern fashion in one exclusive gala presentation. Poster Hong Kong Fashion Week 2015   Countdown China Design Trip Jan 2015 Be sure to check our Facebook page for updates and photos from our China trip.   You never need a visa or a passport to join us on our travels as we design the Spring 2016 Dress Collections and wrap up the Fall 2015 Collections including 2015 plus size Homecoming dresses.