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Featured #WCW Beauty: Camilla Boglione

Featured #WCW Beauty: Camilla Boglione

Our Woman Crush Wednesday this week is Camilla Boglione. She's all about spreading positivity and always wearing your smile. Camilla created her personal brand (Paillettes&Champagne) so she could provide tips and helpful advice to other women like her, showing them that just because they're curvy doesn't mean they can't live a fashionable and fun life!

Get to know our #WCW, Camilla Boglione!

Instagram: @camillaboglione
Twitter: @Camipaillettes


What is your trick to staying body positive?
My trick is always wear what I feel is right in that moment to be at ease and to put always a smile before leaving home.

What’s your go-to look for a night out? Night in?
A always perfect go-to look for a night out it's a skater dress! It could be a classic one in black or more original, but one of it with a pair of heels, it's always the perfect idea!
For a night in I prefer a pair of trousers and a soft wool sweater (obviously I'm talking about Winter nights) and a pair of velvet loafers.
If the night in it's with my girlfriends, I turn it into a sleepover party and I wear a onesie and a pair of cashmere socks.

Do you have a go-to makeup item?
Except on special occasion, I basically wear a natural makeup during the day, but when I'm really in a hurry and I have time for you one product, I go for a touch of volumizing black mascara.

If you could give any advice to yourself when you were younger – what would it be?

- It'd be that be different and have a personal idea about things it's not something to hide, but to be proud of thinking with my own mind.


Do you believe in breaking fashion rules? If so, share an example.
Yes, absolutely! I think I broke up many fashion rules in my life, such as wear sequins during the day, mixing different patterns in the same outfit, or wearing shorts even if people says plus size girls haven't to do it!

What do you wish dress designers would do for curvy customers?

- I'd like to see all the designer extend their range of size so everyone should wear what she likes!
About technical issue, I thing designers need to put more attention in breast support.

What item in your closet would you consider a wardrobe staple?
There are many items that I consider a wardrobe staple, but in this period I could say the camel warm and soft coat that a friend gave to me last year..

What's your Style Mantra?
Express yourself through what you wear and do not be a slave of trend of the moment.

What are your go-to accessories?
Once I'd have answered earrings, because I never left home without in the past, but now I think I have a sort of fixation for bags and shoes..which woman doesn't have it??!

What celebrity is your red carpet goals and why?
I have many celebrity that are my red carpet goals, but maybe I could quote Ashley Graham and Robyn Lawley because they show to curvy girls that they can be glamour, trendy and sexy!

What inspired you to become a fashion blogger/influencer?
- During high school many friends told me often that I dresses differently from the mass and I had a personal style. Growing up, I realized I didn't like the plus size options here in Italy, so I looked up at foreign brands and I saw I had a different style from others, more trendy I guess.
My sister encourage me to share this fact to other people, telling me that probably there were girls looking for help in the it born Paillettes&Champagne!

Give us your best beauty secret?
- My beauty secret I think it to always remove make-up and impurities before going to bed. Even during college years, when I did many wild nights, I always did it and my skin now thanks me for it.