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Sydney's Closet #wcw woman crush wednesday Jenna Rusnak

Featured #WCW Beauty: Jenna Rusnak

For our Woman Crush Wednesday this week, we choose Jenna Rusnak (A.K.A TheCurvyRebel) Listen up, ladies - Jenna's advice on how to stay body positive is SO IMPORTANT! We love that Jenna is 'unapologetically ' herself and helping other girls do the same! Read her inspiring interview below!

Get to know our #WCW, Jenna Rusnak!

Instagram: @thecurvyrebel
Snapchat:  jennana_na


What is your trick to staying body positive?
- It’s all about your mindset! I used to hate my body for what it wasn’t. It was never thin enough no matter how many diets I went on, it was always too tall for a girl, my cellulite and stretch marks were hideous reminders of my failure to lose weight and I felt like no one was going to love me if I didn’t look like the airbrushed girls in the magazines … you get the idea. Once I stopped hating my body for what it wasn’t and started LOVING my body for what it WAS, that was the day I started living my life. My advice for staying body positive is to switch the thinking, practice daily affirmations, leave sticky notes on your mirrors with positive memos, work out and eat healthy because it makes you feel good not because you want to lose weight. Eat pizza. Block out the negativity from the world around you, stay true and authentic to yourself but most importantly… forgive. Forgive yourself for the years and years of hate you inflicted on yourself because you never felt good enough, because you are. You are enough

What’s your go-to look for a night out? Night in?
For a night out my go to look is “glam with an edge”  so I’ll pair a sleek body con dress with a leather jacket and stilettos, or a flowy top with ripped jeans and booties. I also like to add pops of quirky humor to my outfits in accessories. For example the bag I’m using at the moment has a rabbit face and tail on it. People say: “that’s such a Jenna bag” 

As for being at home, leggings and oversized sweaters all day! 

Do you have a go-to makeup item?
- An eyebrow pencil, and brow gel. I will not go anywhere without my eyebrows filled in! I feel naked without them!

If you could give any advice to yourself when you were younger – what would it be?

It gets better, lol! I guess I would just tell her it’s OK to be different. There is beauty in being unique, and to OWN it. I spent a lot of time when I was younger trying to be something I wasn’t, that followed me into adult life as well. When I started modeling I was told to change a lot about myself to get jobs. That’s where @TheCurvyRebel came from. It’s my way of finally unapologetically being my authentic self. 

Do you believe in breaking fashion rules? If so, share an example.
-  FOR SURE! I hate fashion rules, like i’m a "pear shape” so I can’t wear x,y, and z. Girl, watch me wear this crop top.

What do you wish dress designers would do for curvy customers?

Not every plus size girl wants to wear an empire waist with flowy fabric! I would love to have the same options that our beautiful straight sized sistas have! When I go shopping I’ll see so many things I would buy but they don’t have that option in my size, then I get to the plus size section and its all loose and flowy options! We don’t want to hide our bodies! 

What item in your closet would you consider a wardrobe staple?
- Definitely ripped jeans and a leather jacket.

What's your Style Mantra?
- “Glam with an edge” Think Marilyn Monroe mixed with Joan Jett.

What are your go-to accessories?
My mom gifted me a necklace that has my name in gold cursive, like Carrie Bradshaw on Sex in the City.  I never take it off. 

What celebrity is your red carpet goals and why?
Rihanna! She is always pushing the limits. I love a fearless diva who doesn’t care what anyone thinks! She’s killing the game right now.

What inspired you to become a fashion blogger/influencer?
- It was always a dream of mine to inspire others. People would always tell me that my confidence inspired them in real life...I’m just so blessed to finally have the platform to do it on a larger scale now. My followers are the reason I keep going, they inspire ME daily. 

Give us your best beauty secret?
- DRINK WATER lot’s of it!