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Featured #WCW Beauty: Tammy Viviano

Featured #WCW Beauty: Tammy Viviano

For our Woman Crush Wednesday this week, we choose Tammy Viviano. She is a total GIRL BOSS and positive role model for all women out there. Read her interview to learn why it's such an honor to have her as our WCW!

Get to know our #WCW, Tammy Viviano!

Hello Sydney’s Closet! Thanks for having me here. I am Tammy Viviano aka @designerbarbie86. Im 31, I am the BOSS & owner of my own design company “Tammy Viviano Interiors”. I’m also what you’d call a digital/social media influencer, and a body positivity role model.

Stats: 5’-8” Size 18/20

Instagram: @designerbarbie86
Facebook: Tammy Viviano / Tammy Viviano Interiors
Snapchat: designer-barbie
YouTube: designerbarbie86


What is your trick to staying body positive?
- I do meditation almost daily to release negative energy and subconscious blockages. Not only does it banish stress, but it helps remove any subconscious doubts I’m holding inside. While I am getting ready for the day, I look in my mirror and I think of all the good things I have going for me, beyond my appearance. I have a DIY picture on my vanity table that says “I AM” in big bold letters, it’s a great daily reminder to reflect and think of all of the ways I can describe myself in the form of compliments that I have received from others, such as “I am talented”, “I am creative”, “I am a good friend” etc. It makes me realize my physical body has nothing to do with almost all of it so I immediately set those worries aside. I also love to turn on some music that makes me feel really confident and get all dolled up for no reason, Then I usually take a bunch of selfies to post to Instagram and hashtag all kinds of body positive words to connect with others like me. As they say “your vibe attracts your  tribe”. That’s kind of how all this got started. 😊 

What’s your go-to look for a night out? Night in?
- Oh! I love this question, Night Out: I definitely go for a glam, feminine look. It’s typically a knee length dress, some heels, a sleek hairstyle some simple jewelry and a pretty wristlet to hold my wallet, phone and lipstick. Night in: Its typically leggings or pajama pants with a graphic tee or vintage sweatshirt. When I’m in for the night I am typically cooking dinner, or doing work on my laptop so comfort is key!

Do you have a go-to makeup item?
- Yes indeed, and you can buy it at the drugstore! Its my Proline Felt Tip Eyeliner Pen, in Black, by Wet N Wild. It has a super fine tip so you can create the perfect winged eye look. You get really nice bold color like some of the gel liners without the stickiness and smudging. Nothing ruins my makeup look quicker than eyeliner that has transferred itself to my upper eyelid, LOL! This gives me a clean sharp line that lasts all day.

If you could give any advice to yourself when you were younger – what would it be?

  1. Don’t overthink so much! – we attract what we create in our minds.
  2. Be cautious of people that call you friend. So many people will try to use you to get where they want to be in this life. Don’t be afraid to go your own way, choose quality over quantity, and be gracious to all those who treat you well.
  3. Stay classy especially in your early 20’s 😊 (it’s great to have a night out with your best pals but don’t post a picture of every drink you have on social media, it’s just not cute & important people around you are watching) #goodgirl #longtermcareergoalsarebetter

Do you believe in breaking fashion rules? If so, share an example.
- Totally, my mom STILL calls me her little “Punky Brewster” (80’s baby😊) I’ve always had a wild fashion sense and I love to mix and match. I love pairing something elegant with something sporty, for example, I have this gorgeous blue sheer “Fog” dress by Universal Standard that I love to pair with their black satin-crepe track pants. The pants have a split at the ankle and a tuxedo stripe down the outside of the leg. It looks amazing with nude heels and a white tank top! I definitely like the mix of atheliesure in the workplace.

What do you wish dress designers would do for curvy customers?

  1. I would love to see more brands strive to be more size inclusive. It’s a terrible feeling when you shop with your friends for prom or a special event and you can’t find your size while everyone else is trying things on, laughing and having fun. No one likes to feel singled out. I would love to see more brands cater the women size 16 and above, I feel there just aren’t as many available options in that range.
  2. The average woman in America today is a size 16, I think we absolutely need to see more models that are size 16 and up in their regular advertisements.
  3. Don’t forget about us in the 20/40’s age range, we want wear something more sophisticated than teen formalwear, but not quite as conservative as a lot of the “mother of the bride” styles out there. That is where Sydney’s Closet has got it goin’ on! I think they offer stunning, age appropriate designs across the board!

What item in your closet would you consider a wardrobe staple?
- That’s definitely my dark denim skinny jeans by the curve loving Slink Jeans brand! They are dressy enough for work but casual enough for a night out, an informal lunch meeting or a trip to the grocery store, plus they are as comfortable as yoga pants. They are designed for a curvaceous body! I can wear them with heels and a dressy top or a basic tank top, layer it with a blazer, cardigain, duster or kimono. Change it up for fall with a sweater dress and boots, or cuff them and rock them with a luxurious oversized sweater for winter.

What's your Style Mantra?
- Don’t worry about what is trending! Discover your own style and rock it out!

What are your go-to accessories?
- Cute heels (specifically my nude, peep-toe heels), a simple pair of stud earrings and a statement necklace, -OR- Cute heels, a flashy pair of dangling earrings and a simple but elegant pendant necklace.

What celebrity is your red carpet goals and why?
- Blake Lively!!! She knocks it out of the park every time with something ultra-glamorous! I love how she has this sense of old Hollywood glam about her and she carries herself so gracefully! One word to describe her look “Stunning!” I also really admire the Duchess, Kate Middleton for her seriously classy and femenine fashion sense.

What inspired you to become a fashion blogger/influencer?
- I think it was all of the plus size fashion & beauty vloggers that I watched on youtube combined with a feeling of being a bit lost with my own fashion sense after I left my retail job to to start my own company. I didn’t feel like I fit the image of what I envisioned for my brand, it needed more personality! There was a moment of realizing that what I wear and how I present myself, leaves an impression on my clients and people around me. I wanted to emphasize greatly on quality and style. I wanted them to look at me and see a woman who is put together, but who is not afraid to try to dial up the look with a pinch of personal style. I started putting my own looks together and I started this secret Instagram page just for me without inviting any friends of my own to come “like” my page or my photos. It was funny - like I was still a bit shy, and in all honesty, I knew if I posted pictures like this to my regular Facebook audience, someone would have something negative to say about it, like “who does she think she is anyway?” As I posted some of those first photos, I started to get followers and tons of encouraging compliments, from not just any followers, models, body positive role models, famous beauty gurus and fashion designers, major fashion brands and so on. I started to increase the styled looks I posted and once I began to realize the importance of hashtags, my “brand” took off like a rocket, and now I have over 2100 followers! My design brain suddenly turned into a marketing machine and I saw all of these brands and networking opportunities and one day I just went for it, and didn’t look back. I get messages and emails from brands all the time now wanting to do collaborations! It’s a little unbelievable still, I certainly didn’t see this coming or even have this planned it just sort of developed. I have a love for technology & informing others, as well as a knack for blogging and creative writing, so blogging about the things I am passionate about as a career was a super idea! My family and friends still look at me confused like “what exactly is it you’re doing now?” A lot of people still don’t realize how influential digital and social media is in today’s world.

Give us your best beauty secret?
- “Smile!”