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Four Trends for Homecoming 2014 Plus Size Dresses

Four Trends for Homecoming 2014 Plus Size Dresses

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Plus Size Dresses for Homecoming 2014
School may not be out just yet for summer vacation, but it's never too early to start thinking about what to wear for Homecoming 2014.   Yikes!  Some schools celebrate Homecoming almost as soon as you head back to school in August. Before you go shopping you'll  want to be sure to do your fashion homework.  Let me make it easier for you.  Here's a crash course on four hot trends for Homecoming 2014 plus size dresses. 1)  The Short List There's no better way to celebrate winning on the football field than to dance in a short party dress.  Hike up the hemline and pump up the fun.  So many sassy, sexy styles with hemlines above the knee make a perfect choice for girls who just want to play the field.  ( Who says you have to have a date to go the dance?!?) 2) Sleek and Simple Do you favor a no-fuss look but still want to show off your curves? If so, you consider ball gowns and tiaras better reserved for your Prom 2015 dress.  You'll show off your winning style for the home team in a long, flowing chiffon formal.  The design is glam but still oh-so comfortable for you to dance the night away. 3)  Color Cues Show your school spirit wearing a Homecoming dress in your school colors.  Or take your hue cue from fall by opting for a dress in rich, jewel tones like burgundy or sapphire blue.  Save the pastel palette for Spring. SC8031A   4) Little Black Dress You really can’t go wrong with a classic party dress in black.  But be careful to avoid it being boring.  Give your frock extra character by adding your fashion personality.   Show your school spirit by adding the sparkle of  sequin jewelry.  Want to pull off the perfect prepy look.  Add a strand of pearls and keep in mind they don't have to be real!). 5) Midi Dresses Can't decide if you want to wear a long or short dress?  Go for a midi-length dress.  It's name comes from the fact that the hem hits the middle of your calf.  Some fashionistas call this tea-length.  Any midi dress creates a vintage vibe so have fun adding accessories like low lace boots for a retro look that rocks. Homecoming may not be as big a deal at your school as Prom.  But what you wear to Homecoming is still so important.  Trust me, if you follow these must-have trends and you'll score a fashion touch down on the night of your big dance!