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Myths of Being Plus Size

Myths of Being Plus Size

Curvy followers of Sydney’s Closet on social media asked us to write about the myths of being plus size.  Our staff did some research and found the following myths still exist. We also came up with ways to smash the myths and bring truth to light.  

Myth #1. Plus size women are desperate for dates
and don't deserve an attractive partner.

  OK, now this could not be more opposite from the truth. Plus size women want what every other woman wants - to feel happy! Why would we want to associate with people who are disrespectful just because we are "desperate"? No matter if it is a friend or a significant other, look for someone who is trustworthy and deserving of your friendship. We each have our own interests, likes and dislikes - being plus size does not change that. It is expected, and perfectly acceptable, to want nothing more or less than what you deserve. A plus size woman (or man) should have standards and expectations when looking for a life partner. The "that's the best that I can get" mentality should be thrown out the window.   Why doesn't a Plus Size Princess “deserve” an attractive guy? What factors determine who “deserves” whom as their life partner? In the age of entitlement, saying that one is more deserving than another implies a hierarchy that simply does not exist based on looks. Search for a mate that believes in you as an individual and loves you for all of your wonderful characteristics - no mater your size. We all deserve to find mutual attraction. No one is better than anyone else because of their size.  

Myth #2. Plus size women are lonely and have low self-esteem.

  No. We believe that some are focusing too much on "size". Your size does not identify who you are. We suggest that if a plus size woman doesn't focus on her size then others around her will not focus on it. There was a time when I felt it “identified” me and when I stopped obsessing over it, it seemed like people stopped fixating on it as well. In fact, there are a lot of people who are bigger and not only are they unapologetic, but they’re confident about their size. Imagine that!!! But it’s true.   #plusisequal Against all popular belief, plus size women are not always (and should not be) down in the dumps regarding their weight and looks. Be confident and hold your head up high! A plus size woman does not automatically insinuate low self-esteem. Each person, skinny or not, has varying degrees of confidence and how they display that confidence.   plus size girl running

Myth #3. Plus size individuals are lazy.

The link between being plus size and being lazy is no more than an assumption. Those of us who are plus size does not mean that we are who we are because we sat on the couch and ate bonbons all day. On the contrary, plus sized individuals (men and women) are just as active in every aspect of their lives as those who are not plus size. A neglect of health is not always the case when you meet a plus size individual. While there are cases of eating disorders and unhealthy choices, that is not always the case. Just because one person is larger than the next does not mean that they are not healthy. It is ok to be different in health, size and every aspect of your life. It is what makes!    

Myth #4. Plus size women eat all the time.

Being plus size does not mean that one intentionally makes poor food choices and eats constantly. There are typically underlying health, medical, biological or genetic factors that attribute to a plus size people. Plus size does not mean that you eat whatever you see at all times. Believing this myth is fueling the stereotype. Like everyone, plus size women are more hungry at some points throughout the day than others. You only know what you see as an outsider - put yourself in that person's shoes.