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New Color for Bestselling Plus Size Cocktail Dress

[caption id="attachment_5137" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Pick your favorite color to help Sydney's Closet decide what plus size dress to make.
Pick your Fav color!
We asked what new  color you'd like to see  for Emma, our bestselling plus size cocktail dress.  And boy did you answer! Earlier this week, we let our Facebook fans and friends  look at three fab color choices:
  1. Berry/Silver
  2. Black/Silver
  3. Orchid/Silver
Then we invited them to vote for their fave. The Black and Silver color combo  scored the highest.  Berry, a pinky red, came in second.  And Orchid trailed in third place. That really surprised me.  I intentionally opted for that hue to capture the fashion buzz around Radiant Orchid, the Pantone Color of the Year. But black coming in at first place wasn't unanticipated.  Who can ever resist loving a chic little black dress that makes dressing up for any celebration effortless and fashionable! In this case, even making a decision on accessories is a no brainer.  The silver thread with sequins in the bodice of the black dress demands silver accessories.  But stick with simple jewelry and shoes to draw attention to the exquisite bodice! When we first introduced this flirty  party dress for Spring 2014,  everyone rushed to buy the Aqua Splash.  It  sold out in a flash for wedding guests and Prom and cruise.   (Don't worry, it's back in stock now!).  The  Pink Splash also sold out, but not nearly as fast.   Do you think it's because the aqua is so fresh and fun after a winter that won't quit? Thanks to all of you who shared and commented on our Facebook posting. Based on your valuable input, I have made the decision to definitely produce the black and silver and probably the berry and silver.  Look for them to be available for as part of our Fall 2014 collection. But the orchid and silver won't go into production, at least for now.  Maybe it could work for Spring 2015 - even as a short plus size Prom dress? Meanwhile, just in case you missed posting, here's just a sampling of the helpful comments.
  • All three are gorgeous! Difficult decision
  • Classic black can be used for so many occasions
  • The black one, it's like a modern Great Gatsby
  • I am liking the red (it's really a berry) But they are all cute!
  • Black but I like them all
  • Red would most definitely make a splash at a black tie occasion
  • Black you can wear it formal or just a night out
  • I love the soft but glittery pink
  • Black is beautiful and I would rock that!
  • All, but if I really had to pick one I'd pick the black.
  • I like "B" the best little black dress
  • It's a short flirty dress, it should be a fun, flirty color.
  • The classic black dress all jazzed up,  the other colors are beautiful as well.
  • The black shows the details of the lace better,  But I like the red one too.
  • I like the pink but something about the black looks elegant.
  • I'm a pink gal
It's not late for you to send me your fave color that you'd like to see for the Emma dress.  I'd love to hear from you!