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No Date for Homecoming? No Problem!

No Date for Homecoming? No Problem!

SC8040-Black-Front As temperatures drop, autumn leaves swirl, and the sound of football fills the air, it’s time for one of the most revered school events; Homecoming. Whereas Prom is for Juniors and Seniors, and Graduation is for Seniors, Homecoming is for everyone: Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors, and especially for those who have already graduated—hence the name. Homecoming is also one of the few multi-day events in school. The days prior to the big game are filled with spirit days, pep rallies, parades, and bonfires. Next, is the big game and win or lose, the following night is the Homecoming dance. Because Homecoming is an all-inclusive event, there’s no better time to celebrate being you.  No date for homecoming?  No problem.  You don't need to get hung up on whether or not you have a date. While peer pressure pushes having a date for the dance, it’s a concept that’s highly overrated. Homecoming is best celebrated with a group of friends. Why limit yourself to dancing with one guy (your date) who may or may not even like to dance? Don’t tie yourself to one person so early in the school year. Give yourself time to get to know more people through common interests, clubs, and mutual friends. SC8032--Turquoise-Front-3   During Homecoming week, actively participate in the festivities. Dress in school colors and sit with a group of friends at the pap rally and football game to cheer on the home team. Plan a group outing to shop for Homecoming dresses with your best friend or friends. Pick a dress that looks good and makes you feel confident. When you get to the dance, don’t be a wallflower.   There is no rule that says you must waist to be asked to dance.  Just grab a friend’s hand and hit the dance floor. Dance as if no one is looking. Enjoy yourself in the moment. Everyone—from the Homecoming Queen to the star quarterback—admires the person who shines on the dance floor.  You don’t even have to be a good dancer—just an enthusiastic one. If you don’t break out in a sweat, you’re not dancing hard enough! People sitting on the sidelines will envy your confidence and joi de vie (joy of life). Both traits will draw others to you and the dancing group will get bigger and bigger—so much better than having to dance with one person all night long. No date for Homecoming? No problem.  Maybe, that’s a good thing after all!