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Designer’s Take: Pantone Color of 2020

Designer’s Take: Pantone Color of 2020

What hue is hot for 2020?   According to the ultimate color authority, Pantone, Classic Blue will brings us into a new fashion decade with style and timeless elegance.

This color of the year isn't easy to describe. It's deeper than a Sky Blue, lighter than a Navy, bolder than a Cerulean and lacks any hint of green associated with Turquoise. 

Sometimes it reminds us of an evening sky just as the sun is setting. And we can't help but get the feeling that we are looking into what is going to be a very bright future. 

At Sydney's Closet, our Design Team loves the meaning behind each Pantone Color of the Year. But this particular one captivates our interest. Why?

Why We Love this Blue Hue

Classic Blue encourages us to feel more relaxed, comfortable and trustworthy.  When you wear an evening dress in Classic Blue you project confidence, reliability and tap into a sense of calm.

And we can't help pointing out that blue plus size Prom dresses are always trendy and oh-so popular with teen-age girls.

Depending on the fabric, Classic Blue takes on different shades when used to design a Prom, Evening or even wedding dress. On chiffon, the hue strikes a  throwback to our Federal heritage and earns it's name "Classic". When styled on satin, Classic Blue shines with a contemporary flair that  makes the color look more modern.

Not ready for an all-blue dress? Then work the hue gently into your wardrobe through accessories or accent pieces. Find a stunning pair of blue earrings or the perfect color scarf to complete your look. 

Shopping for the perfect Classic Blue evening gown for Prom or any special occasion on your social calendar? Check out our blue evening gown collection with the perfect size, style and shade for your hair color and skin tones!

We'd love to learn if you plan to add the 2020 Pantone Color of the year into your life - and how. Tell us below!

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