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Plus Size Formal Photo Shoot Underwater

The call came from Paris - out of the blue. Our friend and famed fashion photographer Velvet D'Amour wanted to know if she could use Sydney's Closet designs for a plus size formal photo shoot underwater. I didn't hesitate for a split second to say "Yes" -or rather should I say "Oui! What an honor to have our dresses featured on the pages of the Eternal Summer edition of Volup 2 magazine.   [caption id="attachment_6497" align="aligncenter" width="490"]Underwater Photography with Plus Size Dress Plus Size Model Katherine Roll in a Sydney's Closet Dress[/caption]   Taking the Fashion Plunge   [caption id="attachment_6498" align="aligncenter" width="431"]Plus Size Magazine VolUp 2 Eternal Summer Vol Up 2 Magazine Cover[/caption]   What more glamorous setting for a plus size formal photo shoot underwater than Miami Beach in May. Velvet jetted across the Atlanta Ocean from Europe and gorgeous curvy model Katherine Roll flew in from New York City.   [caption id="attachment_6496" align="aligncenter" width="490"]Plus Size Model in Miami Florida Ready to make a splash![/caption]     But first, the Sydney's Closet fashion team had the tough job of deciding which of our designs would take the plunge into the hotel swimming pool to be captured by Velvet's lenses. It wasn't easy. We immediately ruled out any taffeta evening dresses. The fabric is too heavy and would sink rather than swim. We feared the dress would look like it had just been through the wash. Not a pretty sight. We ended up going with two different plus size wedding dresses. I was just dying to ask Velvet what was the biggest challenge shooting these underwater images for the model, staff, photographer? Her answer:   [caption id="attachment_6494" align="aligncenter" width="490"]Plus Size Model Katherine Roll relaxes in a plus size bridal dress Striking photo of Katherine Roll[/caption]   "My works tends to be fairly uncomplicated when it comes to staff. There is just me, myself and my camera. I don't depend on huge teams with lights and reflectors. Having started shooting actual film, verses digital, I think it makes me dependent far more on my decades of shooting experience and the all important natural light." Velvet said the true challenge was for Katherine to pose underwater with yards and yards of fabric from the plus size formal dresses flowing in the water. "It is difficult to manage all that underwater while posing but Katherine definitely pulled it off. [caption id="attachment_6495" align="aligncenter" width="490"]Underwater Photoshoot Love the message and the picture.[/caption]   Velvet tells Sydney's Closet that the added genius came from the retoucher, Nebulae Decay, who came up with just the right touch to bring the images to artful fruition." This talented trio created magical images that transform the dresses into illusions of the original designs as they weightlessly float in the pool. The pictures carry you to a spellbound world where dreams do come true!   [caption id="attachment_6492" align="aligncenter" width="490"]Velvet d'Amour photographs Sydney's Closet Plus Size Wedding Dress Another gorgeous poolside image.[/caption]   We're already making plans to do another shoot with Velvet. "I love your beautiful gowns", she says., And we love working with you Velvet D'Amour!   [caption id="attachment_6493" align="aligncenter" width="490"]Photo Plus Size Model under water shoot Running in water, in a dress! That can't be easy ;)[/caption]  
Photographer Velvet d'Amour
Model Katherine Roll
Dress Sydney's Closet
Retoucher Nebulae Decay