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Sydney's Closet Heard on Talk Radio

Sydney's Closet Heard on Talk Radio

[caption id="attachment_283" align="aligncenter" width="199"]Fairy Godmother of Plus Size Women
Sydney's Closet President and Founder
Phyllis Brasch Librach[/caption]   Huge thanks goes to Donna Gamache, speaker, author and coach, for inviting me to be a special guest on her radio show “Gamache Panache”  today, Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2012. I’m so honored she chose me as one of the successful women entrepreneurs she showcases each week. I loved getting the chance to share with her listeners the  story of how I started Sydney’s Closet .  I never tire of telling the tale of how my journey to success started.  Plus, it is great fun to explain how I earned the title of  “Fairy Godmother of Plus Size Women”. Donna, an image strategist, is a master at inspiring other women small business owners and entrepreneurs. As a former boutique owner, she’s totally in touch with the frustration full-figured women face when they dress up for life’s special occasion.  (And best of all,  Donna and Sydney’s Closet are based in St. Louis, MO!) She asked me the greatest questions.  But the one I loved answering the most was. “Where did you get the name for Sydney's Closet?”  The company is named after my late Dad, Sidney M. Brasch.  He adored seeing my late mother, Janice, my sister, Betty and I dress up.  He had only one rule:  we were never allowed to wear black.  A bit old-fashioned, he always associated that color with funerals! The interview flew by too fast. I was so surprised to learn the half hour was up.  Donna and I called have talked for hours! Happy Shopping, Phyllis Brasch Librach, President and Founder