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New Year, New You! Tips to Keep Your 2018 New Year’s Resolutions

New Year, New You! Tips to Keep Your 2018 New Year’s Resolutions

Pinch the Purse Strings

January is truly tough on your piggy bank savings. So many of us were overly generous at the Christmas, popped a few too many bottles at New Year and have had the heating on high since November last year. Then comes the post-holiday spending spree. Who can pass up the January bargains!

Now you face the challenge of dressing up to celebrate special occasions on your 2018. Even on a penny-pinching budget, you can still look like a million bucks when you shop Sydney’s Closet sales.  Discover fashionable plus- size special occasion dresses at oh-so affordable prices: dreamy wedding gowns, trendy Prom dresses, chic cocktail dresses and glamorous gowns for those black-tie invitations.

If you’re really tightening those purse strings,  you can stay on track by checking out  check out Sydney’s Closet sample sales. Consider this find the jackpot of savings for even the most frugal fashionistas. Of course, you need to be lucky enough to wear the designer’s very generous sample Size 16.

Let the Good Times Roll

This is the year to stop making excuses when friends and family suggest an event out. Let the good times roll!   Sydney’s Closet party and cocktail collections let you look - and feel - glam when you step out for a big night on the town. Whether you’re looking for a LBD or a hot pink number that’ll shimmer and shine till closing time, the plus size party and cocktail dress collection has something for every fashion taste.

CE1603 plus size party dress

Drop a Few Pounds

When trying to lose weight it’s important to remember that not everyone is meant to be a size zero; what’s more significant is being healthy and comfortable in your own body. Sydney’s Closet designs dresses specifically for women who are size 14 or above. They never take a small dress and just try to make it bigger. Why? A dress designed for a woman with small breasts and slim hips won’t suit someone with a curvaceous figure.

At Sydney’s, the experts know how to make full-figured bodies look amazing. The designers create patterns based on a size 16 and go from there to create flattering and fashionable dresses.  The company believes that is you’ve got curves, flaunt them.

Travel the World

To paraphrase Madonna a holiday “would be, it would be so nice”. Choosing between Peru and Paris, the Seychelles and the South of France or Southern California can be tricky. But once you’ve selected your holiday hideaway, take your getaway wardrobe up a notch with the Sydney’s Closet holiday range and sparkling shoe selection; the Marcella Silver Mirror Sandal or Regina Silver Metallic Wedge are perfect for warm alfresco evenings strolling the beaches of southern France or strolling the sandy shores of  Florida or California.

Tie the Knot

sc5216 ivory wedding gown plus sizeIf 2018 is the big year for the big day, Sydney’s Closet is here to help you find your dream plus size wedding gown.  Resolve to be open to trying on different styles and silhouettes even if you’ve fallen in love with one special gown. You just never know until you try it on which design you will wear going down the aisle. 

Maybe you’re not a bride in 2018. But you will be attending the wedding of a friend or family member. Dress to impress the bride. Shop Sydney’s Closets selection of formal dresses gowns, cocktail dresses and Little Black Dresses perfect for any style wedding.

Moving Up the Corporate Ladder

Looking to land a promotion or a new job that boosts your career? Then resolve to spruce up your work wardrobe. Part of being taken seriously at work, and considered for promotion, comes from you looking the part.

CEOs rarely take board meetings in sweatshirts. Workwear doesn’t necessarily mean a stuffy, stiff  suit. You can dress for success in a casual dress that shows your boss you are  ready to take on more. Black and navy remain a classy and classic choice for the office. But don’t be afraid of color like Shannon twist-front dress that’s professional, yet still feminine and very fashionable.  

Be sure to make your look go head to toe. Save the silver sequin high heels for a night out on the town rather than a day at the office.  Well-styled flats or kitten heels give you a clean - and comfortable - footwear option to wear 9 to 5.