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Trend! Pockets on Plus Size Evening Gowns

Trend! Pockets on Plus Size Evening Gowns

TE1510PromDressPlusSizePockets   I just had to grin when I read the Wall Street Journal article (Aug. 27, 2014) with the latest fashion trend alert: the simple pocket makes fashion splash on fancy formal gowns. For Sydney's Closet Spring 2015 I designed pockets on plus size evening gowns! Buyers loved the idea of dressing up with pockets when we debuted the styling details earlier this month at the World of Prom market in Atlanta. Our bestselling selling style at the market. a lace formal with black floral appliques, featured not one but two pockets. When creating that style, TE1510, I had in mind a pocket design that was not only fashionable but also functional. We've all been in that oh-so awkward spot at a party where we try to hold a beverage in one hand and extend the other hand for an introduction. With only two hands, I can never figure out how to hold onto my evening bag. (I'm not a fan of under the arm !) te1510editorial   Pockets solve that practical problem. For TE1510, I made a four inch slit into each side seam on the A-line skirt just where the dress hits the high hip. (The most flattering spot!) Realizing a shallow pocket would be virtually useless, I designed the pocket to be a generous 10 inches at the lowest point. That provides you the perfect place to stash:
  • phone
  • credit card
  • cash
  • key
  • lipstick
With pockets on both side, you don't run into the problem of stuffing too much into one side. Styling tip: always avoid over packing the pockets or you risk adding bulk to your curves. You want to keepo the line of the dress. Left empty, I designed the pockets to be inconspicuous. Then when put in use, the unexpected details delights with a simple gesture like putting your hands in the pocket or pulling out a lipstick. Basically, it's a playful surprise for a fancy frock to have pockets. Once discovered, the fashion twist is fun, fashionable and functional.

Pockets on the Red-Carpet

Buyers at market weren't the only fan of pockets for evening wear. Teen Prom asked to photograph the pocket plus size Prom dress for their 2015 issue. The plus size models at our photo shoot called TE1510 their absolute fave dress of all the evening formals they posed in for the camera. The trend got a boost at the 2014 Emmy Awards when actress January Jones of "Mad Men" made it a point to show off the pockets sew into the red, strapless gown she wore by designer Prabal Gurung. January Jones in Red   Christian Dior could get credit for kicking off the fad for the fashionable detail when the designer's models hit the runway with their hands in pockets at the July show. I'm thrilled to advance the quirky detail one step further taking it from the runway to the red-carpet to reality for women dressing up for life's special occasions. Would you like to see more pockets on plus size evening gowns? Let me know!