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Use Date Night as an Excuse to Dress Up (in our Plus-Size Party Looks!)

Use Date Night as an Excuse to Dress Up (in our Plus-Size Party Looks!)

Whether you’re dating or married to someone special, or settling into a new relationship, it can be challenging to come up with new and exciting date night ideas. Get out of your Netflix and take-out routine and shake things up with our date night ideas that give you the perfect excuse to dress up (and look super sexy for yourself and your S.O.). Just add an extra touch of glamorous makeup, chic heels and a fun little purse and you’ll be set for an un-boring night on the town!  

A Live Concert (with Happy Hour Drinks before) It’s as easy as checking your local magazines or concert venue websites to see what upcoming live shows are on the horizon. Surprise you’re date with tickets to an upcoming concert, and look up somewhere trendy to have a few drinks and appetizers beforehand. The dim lighting and lively atmosphere of live music venues are perfect for trendy cocktail dresses or an embellished little black dress.  

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The Botanical Gardens Plan a dressed-up picnic date with your beau, while taking advantage of the beautiful natural surroundings! Pack elevated picnic fare, a cozy sprawling blanket, and even a portable speaker for some background music. Wear a flattering and flowy floral-print dress, chic sunglasses and easygoing accessories. Just don’t forget to bring along your camera or smartphone to take some romantic photos together!

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Take a Dance Class What better way to show off a gorgeous formal dress than dance?! Chances are, you’ll be surprised at how many restaurants, bars, and dance studios offer beginner dance classes for adults – in everything from swing, salsa, and even ballroom. We love dance classes because it’s doubles as a workout. Plus, you can show off your dance moves at wedding receptions!  

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